Why Are Espresso Machines So Expensive?

Expensive Espresso Machine.

When coffee-lovers start searching for espresso machines, they often receive quite a shock. A question we get a lot is “Why are espresso machines so expensive?” and this is an understandable reaction. If you’re used to instant coffee or a French press, spending hundreds or even thousands on an espresso machine will seem ridiculous! Whether you’re ready to level up your home coffee machine, or perhaps you want to give a gift, we’re here to explain why these machines come with a hefty price tag.

Keep on reading to find out what makes these machines pricey and what alternatives are on offer!

Why Do Espresso Machines Cost So Much?

Before we jump into alternative gifts for coffee lovers, we’ll quickly touch on why espresso machines are so expensive. Many espresso machines are created with unique materials and difficult-to-make parts. Parts of these machines, such as the pressure state and the boiler, need expert craftsmen to create them, and they’re expensive to purchase. Some of the most expensive espresso machines include copper and stainless-steel materials inside of their structure. These materials are premium quality to ensure the machine works well and lasts for years, but you have to pay for these premium features upfront. There are also espresso machines with additional features. For example, if you choose an automatic machine over a standard espresso machine, you will need to pay a little extra!

Espresso Machine Alternative - Tea Infuser.

What Other Gifts Are Good for Coffee Lovers?

Were you on the lookout for an espresso machine gift, but the prices shocked you? Don’t worry, there are lots of alternative gift ideas for fans of the beverage.

Here are the best espresso machine gift alternatives:

  • Tea infusers
  • Teapot
  • Tea mugs
  • Cast iron teapot
  • Glass teapot
  • Matcha set
  • Tea container

A glass teapot is an exciting gift idea for anyone that loves a hot beverage. Not only does it allow you to have a quick cup, but you can watch as your tea is infused through the transparent glass. If your friend likes to try new flavors, a matcha set might be a great espresso alternative. Matcha is a ground powder created from processed green tea leaves. This drink has a unique look and countless health benefits too.

Espresso Machine Alternative -  Matcha Set.


At the end of the day, an espresso machine is expensive, but the most expensive espresso machines will last for years and serve up premium coffee in your home! If you want to explore more coffee and tea facts, check out our other articles online.

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