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Tea, being one of the most popular beverages all over the world except coffee, happens to come in different types. And as we also have in humans, preference is a widely spread distribution. White, green, and black tea all come from the plant — Camellia sinensis, but what could be different about three beverages that come from one plant. Here it is, white tea earned its name from its mode of extraction. It’s extracted from Camellia sinensis when it’s still covered in fine white hairs. The leaves and the bud are handpicked from the newest growth for quick drying. It’s the processing that determines what kind of tea is made. White tea has the least processing time and thus retains a high number of antioxidants compared to the rest.

It is recognized as one of the freshest and most delicate teas available. It is said to have several health benefits, and people around the world have built a culture around it. But then there's a line between liking something and knowing which to buy — out of the many brands, manufacturers, and flavors to pick from. This is why this article is here. To help you refine your white tea decisions, so at least if what's on your mind is restocking or buying white tea, you might want to finish reading this before you make that order or leave your home. The way to have better shopping experiences is to understand the peculiarities of what you're buying. You may have been buying white tea before now, but today you'll know if there's something you've been missing out on.

Main Features

White Lose Leaf Tea.

Rich in Antioxidants

All teas have some number of antioxidants, but with white tea, you're dealing with a higher amount of it. If you're buying a tea for that reason, white tea is the best go-to. It contains a high number of antioxidants, owing to the processing method. White tea goes through less processing, so it has less time to oxidize and turn dark, unlike other types. Antioxidants, however, provide one of the significant health benefits of white tea. Antioxidants are known to protect the body from free radicals that could cause harm to the body, including chronic inflammation, weakened immune system, aging, or other variety of diseases.


Taste is another feature of white tea accounted for by the processing method. So, what does white tea taste like? First, it's important to note that the longer tea spends oxidizing, drying up, changing color, the bitter it becomes. So, in that manner, white tea has a refreshing sweet taste, green tea sort of tastes grassy, while black tea happens to have a strong bitter taste. So white taste has a great taste if you are into that, and you can see it come in complementing flavors as some of them have floral or fruity blends.


White tea has the lightest color you'll find with teas. It complements its wide flavor profile, which means the color allows for anything to. More like you'd have it in art. The tea provides something like a canvas to work with and try several flavors.

Silver Needle White Tea.

Silver Needle

Silver Needle is arguably the best white tea you can find around. Also called Yin Zhen, the tea is made of only young buds without any other tea leaves. Silver Needle can come in various forms as well as from various countries. Bai Hao Yin Zhen is the most popular one and it is native to Chinese Fujian Province. Chinese white tea happens to be one the best you'll find, and this is one to remember. The typical flavor notes for Yin Zhen include fresh watery fruits, light smokiness, fresh hay, freshly cut grass, all complementing the natural lightness of the tea.

White Peony

White Peony is another Chinese white tea from Fujian Province. It's made of both buds and two leaves with fresh green and brown color. It is also known a Bai Mu Dan or Pai Mu Tan. It is renowned for its sweet aroma and is known as one of the most prized Chinese teas. The loose-leaf version of this tea slowly unfolds in water when you brew it, mimicking the peony blossom it got. Studies suggest that it contains more epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), an antioxidant, than you have in Silver Needle. Hence, it's a better choice for beverages. In addition, it boasts of a fruity flavor.

Tribute Eyebrow

Tribute Eyebrow, also known as Gong Mei, is another Chinese tea made from a similar cultivar to White Peony, with just different leaves. It is also a bit darker because it's processed longer, and it has a different flavor profile. It is considered the lowest quality white tea.

Long-life Eyebrow

Long-life Eyebrow, also known as Shou Mei, is similar to Tribute Eyebrow, just with fewer buds. They say it is the heaviest white tea in flavor; it's a bit darker and usually serves as blends for white teas. If you're worried about the level of caffeine in white tea, Shou Mei contains less caffeine compared to White Peony and Silver Needle. But, on the other hand, its EGCG level is almost as high as White Peony.

Tribute Eyebrow White Tea.


The following are some of the benefits of white tea:

  • Reduces the Risk of Heart Disease: White tea is strongly linked to reducing the chances of having heart disease in several ways. Studies have shown that white reverses the oxidative damage that free radicals and bad cholesterol can cause. Its antioxidant properties have been shown to decrease blood pressure, improve the functioning of blood vessels, lower cholesterol levels and eventually lower the overall risk of having heart disease.
  • Helps to Speed Up Weight Loss: One of the many exciting benefits of white tea is its ability to help you shed some weight. Green tea is typically what comes to your mind when you want to lose weight but here is why you should consider white tea: White tea contains a similar level of EGCG and caffeine, which is linked to burning fat. White tea is sufficient for burning fat, but you can look forward to having excellent results when complemented with green tea.
  • Protects Your Teeth: White teas can provide a great source of fluoride, tannins, and catechins. All of which pose benefits to the teeth. It can help to inhibit the formation of plaque and the growth of plaque bacteria. In addition, drinking white tea helps to protect your teeth from acid attacks and the viruses that cause cavities.
  • Treatment of Acne: White tea could pose a lot of benefits to the skin. Dermatologists believe that antioxidants help protect the skin against cellular damage resulting in acne or even ageing. Applying white tea extracts on the face is also a common practice for protection against the effects of UV rays on the skin.

How to Choose the Best White Tea?

Choosing the best white tea can be a tasking thing to do. Still, with careful consideration of the things I'll be listing, you should be able to pick the best white tea available in the market. Of course, your preference for tea basically depends on these factors, so consider what you want from a white tea and go for whichever serves you the purpose.

  • The origin of the tea (Most are Chinese, few are Sri Lankan);
  • Antioxidant content;
  • Go for organic white tea;
  • Go for flavors you're familiar with.

This article has clarified the basic things you should know about white tea and making your purchase choice should be a lot easier.


White Tea in a Cup.

Is White tea good for you?

Of course, it is. White tea benefits are so numerous that you'd hardly find a reason not to take them. Their antioxidative property is enough to solve several fundamental health issues and even serious ones, such as one concerning vital organs of the body.

Is White tea healthy?

White tea is very healthy for consumption. It offers you a lot of health benefits. The only reason you could want to avoid it is if your doctor says so. Most times, pregnant women are advised to avoid caffeine.

What does White tea taste like?

White tea generally has a taste that is referred to as delicate, light, and sweet. However, the processing allows for it to retain a sweet taste. And this taste complements its flavor profile.

Is White tea good for weight loss?

White tea can help you burn fat. The tea is shown to contain substances that can assist you in shedding weight and burning fat quickly. Among these substances are epigallocatechin-3-gallate and caffeine.

Where to buy White tea?

White tea is available for purchase everywhere, in the stores around you, and online. All you need is a little research to know the right place to get your white tea from. Prices may be different across stores.

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