Water For Brewing. Why Is It So Important to Choose The Right One?

Water For Brewing Coffee.

The kind of water you use for your brew will indeed make one hell of a difference to your coffee. It might seem like a simple component that doesn't matter much, but it does add a lot of difference to the taste. Why is that? You will find out shortly as this article focuses on explaining the importance of using the right water for your brew.

What's The Importance of Water in The Coffee Making?

Although water might seem like a basic element that doesn't make so much difference, it is quite unarguable that it is composed of a lot of mineral features that can add so much to the taste of your coffee. Water contains minerals like calcium, magnesium, and bi carbonate. These elements have a particularly strong flavor, which when added to your brew, brings out their respective flavors. The water you use should be relatively high in the required minerals, it should also be clean and clear, and fresh for hygienic purposes.

Why Is It Important to Choose the Right Water for Your Brew?

The right water can make a whole lot of difference to your coffee. This is because:

  • Clean water will ensure that your coffee is safe to consume.
  • Filtered water will remove any amount of excess carbon or negative taste present in your coffee.
  • When your water tastes good on its own, it adds a lot to the taste of your brew.
  • Water free of colorings, odors, and unnecessary additives gives your coffee an unnatural taste.

What Kind of Water Should You Use for Brewing?

Before you begin your brewing process: here are some major things to consider before choosing which water to use.

  • Water should be clean, and clear.
  • Water should be completely neutral, within a pH of 6.5 and 7.5, although the best water for brewing should have a pH of 7.0.
  • It should have a mineral content of around 150ppm.
  • It should not contain additives or colorings.


Water is a basic fundamental element for all human functions. That is not different when it comes to brewing your coffee. The kind of water you choose to use can indeed make your coffee taste like heaven. We hope this article has provided some helpful information in choosing the right water for your brew.


Can you brew coffee with tap water?

Standard tap water can be used to brew your coffee to perfection. It brings out the flavor of your coffee, enhancing overall taste in the process.

Should I make coffee with distilled water?

Distilled water is not always the best to use when making your coffee. Instead, you can decide to use tap water as it works better to enhance the taste of your coffee.

Can I just filter my tap water?

It is a bit unnecessary to filter your tap water. Although you might feel doing that will help you keep your water clean enough. Filtering it might deprive it of some percentage of its natural elements.

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