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Best Types of Coffee Beans.
Types of Coffee Beans
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Statistics show that 85% of all workers and even students take no less than 2-3 cups of (different types of) coffee per day. They claim it helps them deal with the stress that comes with their daily activities and enables them to perform well. And indeed, this is true. Coffee does help keep people alert and yield maximum productivity.

Imagine waking up with zero energy after a long night, you’re still feeling sleepy, but you need to dress up, and get ready for work or class. In those moments, a cup of coffee would do the trick and for most people, they might need more cups to stay alert and get through the day.

So how did coffee become our go-to for fighting the dull and tiring mornings and even work hours when all we just want to do is wrap a comfy duvet around ourselves on the bed and sleep round-two? The answer is simple, CAFFEINE. In fact, caffeine addiction is one of the reasons why people love coffee so much. Statistics show that about 90 % of Americans consume caffeine in some form every day.

Caffeine, as present in coffee, is a stimulant that keeps the body alert, such that you can give 100 % concentration and attention to your tasks. It also slaps away the sensation of sleep or dozing off that we all experience so frequently. Caffeine does this by increasing the secretion of Cortisol in the body. Cortisol is a hormone that enhances the body’s alertness and focuses. Scientists say that it regulates your body’s metabolism and blood pressure.

Now that you know how coffee works, you might want to try some. We have included our top picks in the table below. Feel free to go through and try them out.

Reasons to Love Coffee

Smiling Cup of Coffee.

So, why should I take and even love coffee? These are a few of the several reasons why people love coffee, and you should too.

  1. According to ancient Egyptian history, it clears drowsiness.
  2. It lights you up - a burst of energy.
  3. When combined with some other condiments, it’s a perfect meal.
  4. As long as it’s not taken in excess, it’s a healthy choice.
  5. It has a blissful aroma, don’t you agree?
  6. Some studies suggest that coffee boosts brainpower.
  7. Recent research suggests that it can help you live longer and may reduce risks of diabetes, heart attack, and obesity.

How to Pick the Best Coffee for Yourself

Just like everything else, you should know how to pick the best type of coffee for you. You should know which coffee is best for you and then tailor your order based on that. So, here is your coffee selection guide.

  • Understand Your Health Status: You should be aware of your health status. For instance, if you are allergic to dairies, then a coffee drink with dairy milk shouldn’t be what you’ll order. And based on your health, your doctor might advise you to always go for black coffee.
  • Understand Your Bodily Capacity: You should also pick your coffee based on the amount of caffeine your body can take. For instance, if you want a coffee with low caffeine content, going for a single espresso might be what you need, while a high caffeine taker might go for a regular caffe latte.
  • Your Personal Preference: Does it have milk in it, or is it strong and thick? When was the coffee bean roasted? It is essential to know these things so you get the perfect coffee that suits your taste. Since there are different coffee types, you could pick from, just make sure your selection is what serves you the best.

Different Types

Different Types of Coffee.

There are over a thousand types of coffee all over the world. When people say “list the different types of coffee,” this is what they mean. Here are some of the most popular coffee types.

Organic Coffee

Organic coffee is a type of coffee that is produced naturally, without the influence of chemical or synthetic fertilizers. It is grown with purely organic fertilizers like chicken / cow manure or compost. Due to its pure production system, organic coffee growing produces clean and fresh beans. Medically, organic products are healthy for the body, and organic coffee is no different. It is rich in natural antioxidants and caffeine. It has a smooth taste, and it is best enjoyed hot.

Conventional Coffee

This is the direct opposite of Organic coffee. It is grown solely on artificial fertilizers and fine chemicals like herbicides. Due to its artificial means of production, it grows more quickly and produces more beans. It is said that organic coffee is much better, health-wise, than conventional coffee.

Ground Coffee

This is the coffee made from coffee beans that have not been brewed. It is very rich in caffeine, and it is popular for having a bitter taste. Ground coffee remains unbrewed and hydrated until when prepare. Simply put, it’s just ground-up coffee beans.

Decaf Coffee

Decaf coffee is the short form of Decaffeinated coffee. It is a kind of coffee that has over 95% of its caffeine removed. The good thing is, it does not the bitter taste of regular coffee. Decaf coffee is considered a healthy choice, but most don’t like it because it’s not as powerful since its caffeine has been removed.

Different Types of Coffee Servings

Types of Coffee Servings in Cups.

Do you want to slap away sleep from your eyes and kickstart your day in the best energetic spirit? The following are the best types of coffee drinks you should consider:

  • Expresso - Some folks call it “Café crema” others call it “Liquid gold”, and this is because it has a golden color. It also has a moderate level of caffeine so; it’s considered one of the best types of coffee serving.
  • Macchiato - Some people love it solely because of its name. They claim it sounds exotic; do you think so too? Macchiato is another type of espresso coffee drink with a small amount of milk. It’s truly is an exotic and refreshing beverage you should try. You’ll love it.
  • Caffe Latte - Have you ever seen a coffee adorned with a flower floating on it or a coffee with a cute design on it? Most times, that’s a caffe latte. It is made with espresso and steamed milk. Some folks call it the big sister of the cappuccino. Caffe latte is most people’s favorite coffee serving. And in case you’re a lover of milk, this is your best bet. And please, if you’re ordering it in an Italian bar, say “caffe latte”, and not just “latte”, so you won’t be served pure milk which “latte” is over there.
  • Cappuccino - Like Latte, Cappuccino is made with espresso and steamed milk foam. It is a popular coffee that comes in different variations. So, you can decide to go for cream instead of milk and use non-dairy products, chocolate powder, cinnamon, etc. Most lovers of caffe latte also love cappuccino.
  • Black coffee - This is a type of coffee that is served pure. It is devoid of any additives such as sugar, milk, cream, and added flavors. Although it has a strong and bitter taste, its lovers claim they enjoy the natural sweetness that comes with it.

Hot or Cold?

If you are a fan of cold coffee, this might sting a bit. Study shows that hot coffee contains a higher level of antioxidants than cold coffee. And antioxidants play a vital role in protecting the cells. Based on this analysis, we can say hot coffee is better than cold coffee. But regardless of that, you should go for whatever you prefer, be it hot or cold coffee or better yet, balance the equation by taking both types alternately. And of course, the weather per time might also affect your choice. You wouldn’t want to take cold coffee when it’s freezing outside or hot coffee during the hot summer days when the sun can fry eggs.

The ability of coffee to clear out drowsiness and put you at a high level of mental alertness is what makes it an important part of everyone’s daily routine, particularly in the morning. Do remember to try out different kinds of coffee; you don’t have to stick to a type of plain ole coffee. Cheers to coffee – the savior of the modern man.


Does coffee have calories?

Regular coffee has less than 5 calories. So, you get a boost of energy with an insignificant number of calories. However, every time you spice your coffee up with extra milk and sugar or any other thing you prefer, you are also adding extra calories.

Does coffee raise blood pressure?

Remember Caffeine? The stimulant responsible for the alertness, sharpness, and no dulling early morning moments. The little guy also causes a small but significant increase in blood pressure. But as long you limit your coffee intake or take decaf coffee most times, you are good.

How long does coffee last?

This depends on the type of coffee involved. Ground and decaf coffee last for 3-5 months if kept at room temperature, while whole-bean coffee lasts 6-9 months also at room temperature. Instant coffee lasts the longest, with about 2-20 years at room temperature storage. Of course, its maximum duration length depends on the packaging.

Is coffee a diuretic?

Yes, coffee is a diuretic. This means that it can cause your kidney to flush water from your body through urine. So, you might urinate more than usual.

Is coffee acidic?

Yes, coffee is a bit acidic. It tends to fall around 4-5 on the pH scale. And this is not a bad thing as long as you take your coffee moderately.

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