Tristan Stephenson

Tristan Stephenson.

Hi, I’m Tristan — a coffee lover from Florida. Ever since I took my first real job working as a barista in my Uncle’s cafe, I knew I loved coffee. In fact, sometimes I wonder whether coffee runs through my veins. No really, I can’t get enough of the stuff. Sure, when I took my first job, all I cared about was the money. However, I quickly developed an interest in different flavors, beans, aromas, and dare I say - I became quite an expert on the subject.

As I grew into my late teens, I began to experiment with different combinations, tasting any coffee we sold in my Uncle’s cafe. But at the end of high school, it was either go to college, take up a full time role at the cafe, or take some time away. I decided on the latter, and traveled the world for almost 2 years before coming home for good. During my travels, I kept my love of coffee at heart, and I stumbled across coffee variations I never knew existed.

With that said, of all the places I traveled, there was no coffee quite like the stuff from South America - I adored it! But fast forward through my travels to this present day, I now work as a business consultant for aspiring entrepreneurs in this niche. Whether they are opening a cafe, wondering where to source their goods, or just need a nudge in the right direction, I’m there to offer my expertise. I mostly perform this work in Florida, which is actually how I know Lance, but that’s a story for another day.

And besides my obvious passion for coffee, I’m a huge football fan, I’m currently learning Spanish, and I’m trying out some Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (with mixed results).