The Most Popular Coffee Myths

Coffee Beans.

Even though these myths aren’t true, we all still end up believing them. We’re here to set the record straight though. Whether you’re here to learn more about coffee or to see if your beliefs are true or false, we’ve got your back.

Keep on reading to explore the most popular coffee myths and why they’re not true!

Coffee Makes You Dehydrated

This common misconception is probably the most popular coffee myth! While it’s true that caffeine drinks are a diuretic, coffee’s other main ingredient is water! At the end of the day, coffee isn’t any more dehydrating than any other beverage.

Decaf Is Caffeine Free

Did you know it’s impossible to completely remove caffeine from decaf coffee? This beverage is only 97% caffeine-free! Before any decaf-drinkers get nervous, the caffeine content in a decaf drink is tiny, and your body won’t experience any effects from it. Ideal for those who want to go to bed on time!

Coffee Will Stunt Your Growth

Maybe your parents told you this when you were younger, but luckily it’s not true. Perhaps this popular coffee myth was created to stop children from becoming even more energetic!

A Cup Of Coffee With Not Boiling Water.

An Espresso Contains More Caffeine Than A Filter Coffee

While espresso is much stronger than filtered coffee due to its high concentration, there’s less caffeine in this drink. This is because it takes fewer grounds to make an espresso.

Dark Roasts Contain More Caffeine

Many expect dark roasts to have a higher caffeine content as their taste is so strong, but this isn’t true. The caffeine content in the beans isn’t even affected by the dark roast process, leaving it with the same amount as its pre-roast state.

You Should Make Coffee with Boiling Water

Coffee is a hot beverage, but it shouldn’t be served at a boiling temperature. This is one of the most popular coffee myths that lead to many coffee fans burning their coffee grounds and ending up with an off-tasting drink.

Don’t Drink Coffee in The Mid-Afternoon

Though we all process caffeine in different ways, most people will process the coffee in four to seven hours after drinking. This means an afternoon drink shouldn’t affect your sleep schedule! Just avoid drinking a cup right before bed.

Dark Roast Contain More Coffeine.


Hopefully, you’re ready to spread the news about these myths! Explore our other content to learn more about popular coffee and tea drinks, too.

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