The Best Ways to Store Ground Coffee and Beans

Ways To Store Coffee.

Are you one of the many who have made coffee an essential part of their daily life? No doubt, the benefits of coffee cannot be overlooked. For many, coffee brings them the vibe they need to start a new day. Do you also feel weird if you don't take coffee to start your day?

If you also love to prepare your coffee yourself, then you must have some coffee grounds or beans in your home. You must have also thought about the best ways to keep your coffee grounds and beans. After all, a well-stored coffee equals a fresh coffee drink.

As you know, the general rule of storing coffee says: Don't expose coffee to light, moisture, air, or heat. Exposure to these can speed up the decay of your coffee grounds or beans. And when this happens, the coffee loses taste, and the freshness you enjoy disappears. So why not avoid that and choose a good location and a container.

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Container With Coffee Beans.


Avoid warm places when choosing a location to store both coffee grounds and beans. Warm places could be a spot beside the oven or cabinets that become hot because of direct sunlight. Instead, go for a dark, cool as well as dry place. This could be your pantry or a cabinet. You can also store your coffee on the tabletop, provided it's placed in a container. What type of container?

Glass Jars For Coffee Beans.


Once a coffee pack is opened, the coffee loses its freshness. Therefore, it's an excellent option to empty coffee into a container. Opaque glass is a good choice since it's non-transparent, and neither can light penetrate through it. Alternatively, go for a metal container or ceramic container that's airtight. Plastic containers are not an exception. However, remember if you use a plastic container, you should place it in the perfect location, a dark location.

Metal Container With Coffee Beans.


Another well-known method of storing coffee grounds and beans is freezing. However, before deciding to freeze, it is essential to know that coffee absorbs odors, moisture, and taste, which causes it to lose its original flavor. Therefore, don't freeze coffee if that's what you'll be taking from each serving. You want to freeze coffee grounds that you won't open for at least a month; that way, you can preserve its flavor and taste and enjoy each serving.

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