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Buying a teapot is more than picking one from the top shelf of a Tea Maker shop. You have to consider a lot of things so that you would bring home the teapot that can make you your perfect cup of tea. But with the many options, it can be frustrating to just choose one.

That’s why we have compiled an excellent guide for you to make the best decision when shopping for a quality and durable teapot just for you.

Benefits of a Teapot

Do you think you don’t need a teapot? Here are four reasons that would prove you wrong.

  • Your tea tastes better: If you have been making your tea without a teapot, then sadly, you’ve been drinking tea-flavored hot water, milk, and sugar (or not if you don’t add sugar). Those that have a complete teapot and cup set would agree that a teapot is the only way to adequately suck out the flavors and juice from the tea bag or leaf. It’s like using a fork to drink soup. We all know that you won’t be able to ever scoop the juicy and flavor-packed content at the bottom. It brews the tea to perfection under the right temperature and within the best condition.
  • Helps to retain heat: This is another thing you’ve been missing without a teapot. Without it, you’ve probably had to drink your tea as quickly as it was made to avoid it from getting too cold. Well, you’ll say goodbye to that when you have a teapot with an infuser. You’ll be able to control the temperature which affects the taste of the tea. Also, the brewing becomes easier, more comfortable, and your tea stays hotter for a longer time.
  • You can now prepare tea the right way: Did someone mention brewing? Yes, you can finally start making your tea the right way with a teapot. Some teapots (almost all actually) come with a filter that helps to filter loose tea leaves. All Chinese teapots, for example, have tiny holes in the pot that helps to filter the leaves.
  • Flavor enhancer: Finally, some teapots like clay or ceramic teapots can influence the taste and of the tea. The material allows the extraction of the tea to be more intense, thereby making the tea tastier and more flavored than you can ever achieve with a tea kettle or an ordinary kettle/pot.

Cast IronT eapot.

What To Look for In a Teapot?

Now that we have convinced you on why you need a teapot right now, see this as a teapot buying guide for you to make the best decision when you go shopping.

  • Size or Capacity: This is the first thing you should think about. How big do you want your teapot to be? How many people would you be brewing tea for? If you drink your tea alone, then you don’t need a large teapot. But if you are going to be having tea parties, then look for a pot that’s 500ml and above.
  • The Type of Tea: There are different types of tea: black tea, green tea, white tea, herbal tea, and so on. And just like needing different types of spoons for different food types, the kind of tea you mostly drink dictates the type of teapot you should buy. For example, a fan of black and green tea should buy a porcelain pot, while a glass teapot is better for herbal tea. White tea lovers should go for round teapots while black tea lovers will make better tea with flat and shorter teapots.
  • Material: The teapot material also dictates the kinds of tea you can use it to brew, as well as the quality of the tea. Some materials make the tea cool faster, while some retain more heat. Some are easier to clean than others, while some are more beautiful and presentable for tea parties.
  • Design: Again, a store can have many shapes of teapots, and choosing the right one comes down to the design that you need. Flat-bottom teapots are more stable than round-bottom ones, and the cover has to completely cover the pot to keep heat from escaping through there. Also, you might want to go for a pot with a thinner and longer spout because those are easier to control. Teapots with detachable filters too are something you’d want to look out for.
  • Cleaning and Maintenance: Now some people might not care about all of the above except for how easy it is to clean the pot. You know you have to clean the pot after every use, so you might want to consider keeping the joy of tea brewing by buying a pot that’s easy to clean and maintain. A silver teapot is the first on this list, but considering the other factors we mentioned, you should compare pots.

Pouring Tea From A Clay Teapot.

Types of Teapots

Now that we are familiar with the things to consider, you might also want to get yourself acquainted with the different types of teapots. Some are more common than others and they can come in several shapes and sizes. However, either large or small, flat or tall, rounded or flat, all teapot types are differentiated by their material. The types are:

  • Glass Teapot: This type has an attractive appearance but is very fragile and easy to break. It is great for brewing herbal teas.
  • Cast Iron teapot: It can be placed directly on top of the fire and is usually very large. However, it is very heavy and it rusts easily.
  • Stainless steel teapot: It is super easy to maintain, looks modern, and simple. But it is not a common teapot type.
  • Ceramic teapot: It is very easy to clean and is usually very beautiful with designs and artwork. It is also very fragile. It is divided into stoneware and porcelain teapots.
  • Clay teapot: It is very effective when controlling temperature, and as we mentioned, brews excellent tea with amazing taste and flavor. However, it is hard to clean and it does not have that striking look.
  • Copper teapot: It has an ancient but beautiful look to it, and it helps the tea to cool down faster. However, just like the cast iron pot, it is heavy and hard to maintain.

Best Teapot for Home

With everything we have mentioned, it is a bit difficult to close our eyes and pick one pot as the best teapot when there are so many factors to consider. If you have a small home or you are an alone tea drinker, a small teapot is the best for you. If you love to drink black tea, then a ceramic teapot is the best. Teapots with filters are the best loose-leaf teapots. Basically, everywhere throughout this article, we have mentioned what pot is best for every need. So, pick yours and go shopping for your teapot.


Though it might seem impossible to pick the right teapot especially with all the options that you would be faced with while shopping, but we guarantee you that when you hold the right information (like this one), you’ll find it quite easy. You’ll buy a teapot and walk home knowing you made the best decision. So, make your way to the store now and get your teapot. We hope this article helped.

Stainless Steel Teapot.


How do you use a teapot?

The best way to properly use a teapot is to preheat before brewing. This would improve the quality of the water and give you an amazing brewed tea. This is also the reason why a teapot is better than a tea kettle or an ordinary pot.

Where to buy a teapot?

You can find and buy a teapot from any local warehouse that sells home appliances and devices. You can also buy quality teapots from online stores. You would just have them delivered to you after purchase.

How to clean a teapot?

Not all teapots are alike. Some are easier to clean than others. To clean your teapot, first heat up ordinary water then wash with soap.

What is the best teapot to buy?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer. Your needs determine what teapot is best for you. First, determine why you need a teapot and how many people would be drinking your tea, then you can choose one that best suits your need.

What teapot holds heat best?

Cast iron and stainless steel keep heat in a teapot for a long time. Clay teapots are also very good for temperature control. However, a copper teapot makes your tea cool down faster.

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