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Types Of Tea Mugs.

From porcelain to glass, ceramic to paper, there are dozens of ways to carry your brew. However, some tea mugs are better suited for certain scenarios and teas. With so many options out there, choosing the right tea mug for you can be a tricky process.

You might be wondering why you can’t just drink tea out of any old mug… while you certainly can, we recommend choosing a mug that not only carries your brew but enhances your tea drinking experience.

We’ve done a deep dive into the world of tea mugs, and have discovered the best designs, materials and styles around. Read on to find your perfect tea mug to enhance your enjoyment!

Glass Tea Mug.

Benefits of Tea Mugs

Having a tea mug specifically for drinking tea is a luxurious experience. A dedicated vessel only used for drinking tea has many benefits. With the right tea mug, you can enhance your drinking experience by retaining heat better or allowing for more scents and flavors for your enjoyment.

  • Flavor: The flavor of your tea can be affected by the shape and materials of your tea mug. Additionally, the design can incorporate the brewing process itself.
  • Unique Design: A tea mug designed strictly for tea brewing and drinking is an excellent addition to your lifestyle. Not only will it improve the drinking but also the experience of brewing and enjoying tea.
  • Dedicated Equipment: Dedicating a specific mug to tea drinking creates a special atmosphere for your tea drinking experience. A tea mug that is only used for drinking tea also maintains the integrity of the tea. More on this later!

What to Look for in a Tea Mug

There are a few key features to keep in mind when looking for your next tea mug. In particular, these different features affect your drinking experience in regard to taste, smell, and retention of temperature.

  • Material: The material from which your tea mug is made has a huge effect on your tea drinking experience. The best mug for tea is often made from ceramic, porcelain, or double-walled glass. These three materials are the best at retaining heat while remaining pleasant to hold. Other materials such as metal or paper will add a distinct flavor to the tea and thus tarnish your tea drinking experience.
  • Shape and Design: From glass tea infuser mugs to tea travel mugs, the shape and design of your tea mug can vary greatly. We’ve gathered some of the best designs to consider, each with its own unique benefits.

Mug Tea With Tea Bags Holder.

Types of Tea Mugs

Whether you are a casual tea drinker or an avid tea fanatic, choosing the right tea mug for you is a careful task. You’ll likely be familiar with a few of these types of tea mugs but there is more to each of these designs than meets the eye!

  • Mugs and Cups: A classic mug or teacup is a great way to enjoy your tea. Mugs are reliable, easy to find, and often multi-use. A traditional teacup is a profoundly enjoyable way to enjoy tea as there are not only a variety of decorative styles but also historical stories connected to each of those styles.
  • Tea Infuser Mug: The tea infuser mug is for serious tea drinkers. Tea mug with steeper are best for those who brew loose leaf tea. The mug itself has a chamber to hold loose leaf tea for brewing with the ability to remove the chamber and strain the tea leaves
  • Glass Tea Mug: Glass tea mugs are a much-loved way to enjoy your cup of tea. More often than not, the aforementioned infuser tea mugs are made of glass. The key to a good glass mug is a double-wall so as to insulate the tea and prevent chilling.
  • Travel Mugs: Travel mugs are an excellent way to enjoy tea on the go. However, like other mugs, it is important to dedicate one travel mug to tea only. If you enjoy coffee out of the same travel mug, it will imbue its flavor into the tea. Additionally, make sure your travel mug is well insulated so as to retain the tea’s temperature for your travels.
  • Traditional Tea Mugs: Traditional tea mugs are available from many regions including but not limited to Japan, China, India, the United Kingdom, France, and more.
  • Mug with tea bag holder: This cup is definitely for lovers of bagged tea. The plus side of this is not only the convenience but also the fun design.
  • Large tea mug: If you really love tea and can't get enough of it, we can advise you to choose a large tea mug. A large tea mug is sure to satisfy your thirst for tea.
  • Japanese and Chinese tea mugs: are often small in size and do not offer a handle. The lack of handle is due to the Japanese and Chinese tradition of serving tea at a temperature that is warm but not too hot to enjoy.
  • Likewise, French tea mugs: do not have handles for the same reason but are often referred to as tea bowls. In contrast, British tea mugs always include a handle and are often designed with more embellishments and decorative features.

Japanese Tea Mugs.

Best Tea Mug for You

When choosing a tea mug, it is so important to know what your needs are… Do you travel often or enjoy your tea at home? Do you drink your tea quickly or enjoy it over a longer period of time? Is drinking tea a ceremonial experience or a quick refreshment? Do you brew loose leaf tea or use tea bags? All of these questions will help you direct your search and use your new tea mug knowledge to choose the right tea mug for you!

Kinds Of Tea Mugs.


What type of mug is best for tea?

Porcelain, ceramic and glass mugs are best for tea. Cups with wider openings allow your tea to cool to a comfortable drinking temperature and also enhance the sensory experience of drinking tea.

Does tea taste different in different mugs?

Yes! Tea can taste different depending on the material that a mug is made out of. For instance, a paper cup will imbue a paper taste into your beverage whereas a ceramic or glass mug does not affect the flavor.

Are ceramic cups good for tea?

Yes! Ceramic cups are a great way to enjoy tea both for their ability to retain heat and durability. Ceramic cups are much less likely to crack with extreme heat and will provide a sturdy vessel from which you can enjoy your tea.

What are the different shapes of tea cups?

There are a variety of different shapes of tea cups ranging from wide saucers to small cylindrical cups. Many shapes of tea cups are linked to different traditions and hold cultural significance. For instance, Japanese tea cups will differ from Chinese tea cups and British tea cups.

What are the best mugs to keep drinks hot?

Ceramic mugs are durable and often thick walled which keeps your tea hotter than most. However, the best way to retain the heat in your beverage is with an insulated mug with a lid or other closure. Insulated mugs tend to be double-walled and sometimes feature vacuum sealing when closed. Both of these features can allow a mug to retain beverage heat for over ten hours.

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