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Did you know that it takes about 2000 tiny leaves to make a pound of finished tea? Tea making itself is an art that has survived through generations of techniques and technologies. However, more people have begun to rely on new devices to hasten the tea-making process and minimize spills from brewing. Are you one of these people, or you’re still a traditional tea lover?

In this article, we’ve outlined the best tea makers for every tea lover. Browse through the list and let us know which you prefer.

Glass Tea Maker.

Tea Brewing Methods

Every tea lover faces a choice on how to brew their favorite tea leaves. For a quick brew, it’s best to use an electric teapot. However, if you have time and enjoy the ritual of tea making, a glass teapot or Chinese teapot set is ideal for you. Maybe you like to switch things up and try different brewing methods. Here are some tea brewing techniques you can use to brew your favorite tea leaves.

  • Loose Leaf Method: This is the traditional style of tea brewing. It’s often regarded as the art of tea making, as it allows the tea leaves to move and swirl inside the teapot.
  • Steeping Method: With the steeping method, you want to extract flavor from the tea leaves by soaking the leaves/bag in your tea kettle. You can also practice the steeping method with loose leaf tea bags and a tea infuser.
  • The Strainer Technique: A tea strainer is a kind of filter that is placed over tea mugs. It holds the tea leaves in a small mesh basket while you pour the liquid slowly through the strainer and into your tea mug.

No matter what brewing method you prefer, there is always a suitable tea maker that can make the tea-making process easier and faster for you. Below, we have listed some of the best tea makers with which you can brew your favorite tea leaves.

Types of Tea Makers

You’re ready to start brewing already? Look out for our list of wonderful tea makers you can start with. We have described each one in detail and outlined their functions so you can choose easily! Here we go.

The Teapot

Сeramic Teapot.

A teapot is used to steep tea leaves after the water for tea has been boiled. It’s ideal for brewing loose leaf tea and other tea types.

Tea Kettle

A tea kettle is a vessel or pot used to boil water for tea. It’s what you actually place on the cooker, to heat the water that is then transferred to a teapot or tea maker of your choice.

Electric Tea Kettle

Electric Tea Kettles.

An electric tea kettle performs the same function as a regular tea kettle. However, it relies on electricity as its energy source instead of a stove.

Tea Infuser

Tea Ball Infuser.

A tea infuser is a spoon or ball-shaped device in which dry tea leaves are placed for brewing in a tea mug or teapot. It has perforations around its body, which allows the tea flavor to pass through during brew. Due to its appearance, a tea infuser may be called a tea ball or tea egg.

Iced Tea Maker

An iced tea maker has a dual-function technology. It brews your tea with hot water, to extract the flavor from the tea leaves, then cools the brewed tea in an instant.

Instant Hot Water Dispenser

An instant hot water dispenser is ideal for a quick tea fix. Once installed in your kitchen, all you have to do is turn the faucet to get hot water for a swift tea brewing.

Cast Iron Teapot

Cast Iron Teapot.

A cast iron teapot is one tea maker that can enhance your tea-making experience as it boils water quickly and keeps your water warm for longer periods. It’s your best bet if you’re looking for something strong and durable, as it doesn’t break on the slightest drop, unlike a glass teapot.

Teapot Set

If you want to enjoy the entire process of tea making, then buy a teapot set. It includes all the basic tools you need for proper tea making, such as a teapot, saucers, stirrers, a milk jug, a sugar pitcher, as well as extra tea mugs your friends and family can use.

Chinese Teapot Set

A Chinese teapot set is an artistic tea set, mostly made of porcelain. This teapot set is known for its intricate design and works great for tea ceremonies.

Matcha Set

A matcha set is used for mixing and brewing powdered green tea. It typically consists of a tea bowl, tea scoop, tea whisk, whisk holder and strainer. A matcha set is best enjoyed when you’re having a tea party with friends or family.

Bottom Dispensing Teapot

This tea maker is designed like a tea mug and has a mesh filter underneath that allows the tea to pass through after brewing, while the loose leaves remain in the teapot.

The accompanying mesh in a bottom dispensing teapot is so fine that even the tiniest tea leaves cannot escape. It’s also ideal for you if you prefer the loose leaf brewing method.

French Press

With a French Press, you can brew more tea with fewer loose leaf tea bags, so tea waste is reduced to a great extent. It is also the best tea maker among tea lovers because it’s so easy to use.

Electric Tea Maker

An electric tea maker provides a quicker option in tea making. The electric tea kettle heats faster and also has an auto shut-off feature to help regulate boiling time The automatic tea maker also features time settings which makes tea brewing a walk in the park, even for a newbie!

What To Look For In A Tea Maker

Before you decide which tea maker to buy, there are several factors you need to consider outside of your personal preferences. We have listed the most important things to look for in a tea maker, so you can make the best choice.

  • Size: When purchasing a tea maker, you need to consider its size and the volume of tea it can brew at once. An instant hot water dispenser is best if you belong in a household of tea lovers, but a simple cast iron teapot is ideal for a single brew.
  • Material: Tea makers are made from different kinds of materials, from plastic to stainless steel and even glass. A cast iron teapot may last longer than a glass teapot or Chinese teapot set.
  • Electricity:An electric tea maker requires electricity for brewing to take place. It’s also proven to be faster than a stove, but will not work during a power outage.
  • Automatic or Manual: With a manual tea maker, you have total control of brewing time, speed, heat levels, etc. However, an automatic tea maker gives you extra features such as heat adjustments, auto-cleaning mechanism, zero spills, and even timer settings which are great when you’re in a rush.
  • Ease of Use:You need a tea maker that makes tea brewing easier ,so it's best to get a hot tea maker that is easy to operate, clean, and store.
  • Durability: The durability of a tea maker is influenced to a great extent by the material from which it is made. A glass teapot for example, may tumble and break at the slightest mistake; while a cast iron teapot may last longer. However, it all boils down to care and accuracy of use.
  • Programmability:The amount of control over the brewing process is paramount if you have specific tea preferences. An automatic tea maker and instant hot water dispenser are both programmable options as you can adjust the temperature and steep time to suit your needs.
  • Price: Despite all the wonderful features of tea makers that we’ve mentioned, you can’t buy what you can’t afford. So, it’s best to look at tea makers within your budget.

Best Tea Makers For You

As a tea lover, buying a teapot or tea infuser that corresponds with your needs, lifestyle, and preferred brewing method is advisable. If you’re a traveler or live alone, then purchase a portable tea maker.

For someone who fancies a more traditional approach to tea making, it is only natural that you shop for a Gaiwan or Chinese teapot set. And if you like to hold tea parties, or have friends/family that love tea, shop for instant hot water dispensers to ensure a faster tea-making process or a large automatic tea maker.

In the end, you’re the only one that can decide the best tea maker for you.

Must-Have Tea Accessories

Some of the must-have tea accessories every tea lover should own are:

  • Tea mug: this is where the brewed tea goes. Can anyone drink tea without a tea mug? We guess not.
  • Tea container: you need a tea container to store raw/fresh tea leaves so they don’t go bad. Make sure your tea container is airtight.
  • Thermos for tea: if you like to carry your brewed tea around or drink your left overs, a thermos for tea is your best bet. The thermos will keep your tea warm for long hours, so you don’t have to re-heat.
  • Loose leaf tea bags: this is ideal for anyone that loves the loose leaf brewing method.
  • Tea Infuser: if you love steeping your tea leaves, then a tea infuser is a must-have. It helps you extract the flavor without the risk of seeing tiny tea leaves in your tea mug.

Tea making is a wholesome culture on its own. And as a tea lover, it’s only natural that you invest in the best tea maker that suits your needs. Check out our online store for great and affordable tea makers that will make tea-brewing easier and faster.


What is the simplest tea maker?

The French Press is the simplest tea maker. When using a French Press, you may need a tea kettle to heat the water first before steeping the tea. The French press was originally invented for brewing coffee.

How does a tea maker work?

Tea makers are designed to make tea brewing easy. Based on its functionality, a tea maker will brew and dispense tea without making a spill. Tea makers are convenient for every tea lover.

How do I choose a tea maker?

Choosing a tea maker is not as difficult as it seems. All you have to do is examine your needs and choose the one that is compatible with your needs. Also consider the number of people to use the tea maker.

Does a French Press work for tea?

Yes it does. Although the French Press was originally intended for brewing coffee, it is one of the easiest methods of tea making. Just don’t use the same French Press for your tea and coffee.

Where to buy a tea maker?

The market for tea makers isn’t a difficult one to navigate. There are various online stores where you can shop for tea makers. But if you’d rather shop offline, shops that deal with household appliances sell tea makers. If you want the best quality, then purchase your best tea maker from our online store.

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