Salt in Coffee

Salt in coffee.

Adding salt to your coffee may sound bizarre, and even a little disgusting. But there are many benefits associated with adding salt to your coffee. In this article, we’ll explore all the reasons that you should add salt to your coffee. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Some cultures have stated that adding salt to your coffee is an effective method of reducing the bitterness of coffee. Others have stated that adding salt will enhance flavors of cheaper coffees. But, which of these claims are true? And are there any other benefits?

The claim that salt can reduce the bitterness of coffee is a tried and tested theory. For instance, it is Turkish tradition for the bride to prepare her husband to be a coffee with salt before their marriage ceremony. Furthermore, Americano’s with salt are extremely popular in Taiwan. Scandinavia has also used salt in their coffees for centuries, and many countries in Europe use salty water to brew their coffee.

Science also backs up these claims. Salt can naturally bring out the sweetness of coffee, whilst maintaining its aromas and unique flavor notes. It allows you to sweeten coffee without adding sugar or milk, making it a great low-calorie and healthy option.

Another benefit of adding salt to your coffee is that it neutralising the taste of old tank water. If you have an espresso or coffee machine with a tank, you’ll probably be aware that the water in the tank can become stale and poor tasting. Adding salt will help to freshen this water up, ultimately making your brew taste much nicer.

A cup of coffee with salt.

The recommended amount of salt in your coffee is half a teaspoon per two teaspoons of ground coffee. This will effectively sweeten the coffee naturally, without overpowering your brew.

The best way to add salt to your coffee is to add it gradually to the espresso once it’s been poured. If you add the salt before the coffee is extracted, you may add too much or too little. By adding gradually after the brewing process, you’ll have more control and will be able to add the right amount of salt for your preferences.

The salt that you use can also have a big impact on your coffee. Lower-grade table salts may not do your coffee justice. So, it’s recommended that you use a higher value salt, such as Himalayan salts.

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