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Coffee has become an important part of our daily lives and as a fan of this drink; you should know that there are many different types of coffee beans.

Some contain less caffeine than others, and some might be relatively sweeter than others. This is why knowing the particular features of each coffee type can help you choose what works best for you. To make the decision easier for you, we have also created a table with the top picks of coffee to help you pick the best blend of coffee.

Main Features

Cup of Robusta Coffee and Robusta Coffee Beans.

There are many different types of coffee beans but only four major ones. They are Liberica, Robusta, Excelsa and Arabica. And every single one of these bean types are different from each other in certain ways. These differences begin from their physical appearances, their taste, the prices, where they are grown, and so on.

The robusta coffee bean can also be called the Coffea canephora. And it is the 2nd most common coffee bean that is widely available in the world’s market. It is not as expensive as some of the other types, so many roasters prefer it. They call it the 'budget-friendly bean' type. The robusta coffee have some features, and they can be categorized into three; physical feature of the bean, the taste of the coffee and its nutrients.

  1. Physical Features: Physically, the robusta bean is large, more rounded, and has a harder shell than its peers. It is like this because it is usually grown at low altitudes. It is also said to be darker than the other types of coffee bean. Some brands that sell robusta coffee have their robusta coffee branded with the color – green.
  2. Taste: Another distinctive feature of robusta coffee is its strong smell and the feeling of a burnt taste in the mouth. A blend of robusta coffee gives out a much stronger scent than many other coffee bean types. The taste is also said to have a bitter feeling to it. It is the most bitter of all the coffee bean types there are.
  3. Mineral/Nutritional Feature: Unlike the other bean types, robusta coffee bean contains a larger amount of caffeine. Because of the high caffeine content, the coffee is better for fighting off disease in the body system. Also, the coffee has little to no acidity and is therefore preferable for skin use.

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It’s no longer news that drinking coffee can be beneficial to the human body. However, just like every other coffee bean type, robusta coffee has its unique benefits. Below are some of the benefits of robusta coffee.

  • At-home Health Benefits: A cup of robusta coffee in the morning is not only good for waking you up, but it can also encourage your cells to heal. Likewise, it serves as a natural treatment for fever, headache, malaria, asthma, migraine, atropine poisoning, vertigo, opium poisoning, flu, jaundice, narcosis, sores, and nephrosis. The Seed can control vomiting, and this is because it is a bitter, aromatic, stimulant herb that has diuretic effects.
  • Skincare and Beauty Benefits: The robusta bean can also be used in skincare therapy due to its acidic content. Robusta coffee beans as facial or body masks can be used to remove excess oil and dead cells. Also, the robust coffee, mixed with iodine, can be used as a deodorant.
  • Pharmaceutical Benefits: The Robusta bean is rich in antioxidants and consists of a high amount of caffeine. Caffeine is widely used as a stimulant that acts as painkillers. Therefore, it can be used in place of pain killers.

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How to Choose the Best Robusta Coffee

There are many different flavors and types of robusta coffee drinks, and deciding which one you prefer can be challenging. Here are a few tips to guide your choice.

  • The Taste: All robusta coffee brands have different tastes. Although they are all strong, the different flavors can make a little difference.
  • The Amount of Caffeine: Robusta coffee naturally consists of a high amount of caffeine, but different robusta coffee brands have refined the bean differently. Therefore, you can make your choice based on the amount of caffeine you want in your Robusta coffee drink.
  • The Roast Date: Checking the roast date on your Robusta coffee is also very essential. This is to ensure you are picking a freshly roasted coffee.
  • Choose the Bean from a Respected Roaster: This is also very important. When you want to select your coffee, always choose from a known Robusta coffee brand. Luckily, we have created a table with the top picks to make things easier.
  • Beware Of Fake Labels: Some labels can say 100% Robusta beans, but this is mostly not true. This is why it is advisable to pick your choice from a known brand, where the probability of falling for a fake label is slimmer.

It can be challenging to pick the best coffee type yourself, especially when there are so many coffee brands options on the shelf. However, some of the guidelines we provided can help ease your decision process. Also, having some personal preferences (such as taste, thickness, caffeine amount, budget, etc.) can help you with your choice.

Robusta Beans In A Cup.


What is Robusta coffee?

Robusta coffee is gotten from a plant. The plant is called Coffea canephora. And the coffee has become a very popular type of coffee in the world today, taking second place. Its bean is oval-shaped, hard, and smooth. It is used to make many robusta coffee drinks. It can be mixed with other flavors to produce a different taste than its original taste.

Is Robusta coffee good for you?

Robusta coffee is very good for the body. And just as any other coffee bean type, it is beneficial to the body in so many ways. Some of its benefits include health benefits, a good taste, its antioxidant properties, and so on.

Is Robusta coffee healthy?

Yes, taking Robusta coffee is healthy. It can help control vomiting, as well as help in healing cells. It is called the green bean because it is believed to have many health benefits.

What does Robusta coffee taste like?

Different coffee beans have different tastes. Robusta coffee has a smooth, strong, bitter taste. It can be sweetened with other flavors, such as, chocolate or cream.

Where to buy Robusta coffee?

Robusta coffee can be purchased in the bean form (not grounded) or the powder form from many local grocery’s stores. It could also be found in many popular coffee brands such as Nescafe or Kraft coffee. These coffee brands can be bought from their website online, e-stores, or local grocery stores.

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