Pour Over Coffee Maker

Pour Over Coffee Makers.

Many people drink coffee every day without ever thinking twice about the way they make it or the devices they use in the process. It’s only when we start to take a more serious interest in coffee that we question whether the traditional old drip coffee maker is the way to go. In fact, while it’s perfectly fine for the average person who prioritizes convenience, the drip coffee method never fulfills the potential of the coffee beans.

This has led coffee lovers around the world to seek new methods for brewing their daily coffee, and one of the most intriguing methods is the pour over method. Pour over coffee has been around for a little over a century, and it’s certainly had its ups and downs. It fell out of fashion for several years when more convenient methods started to be invented, but now that many shops and individuals are starting to view coffee as an artisanal product, the pour over method is making a comeback.

It does take a little more time and effort to make pour over coffee, and it’s important to choose the right coffee maker to improve the experience. We’ve put together a guide to help you understand what makes a good pour over coffee maker and a list of our favorite ones so that you can easily choose one to suit your needs.

Why should you choose a pour over coffee maker?

There’s more than one reason why coffee connoisseurs tend to gravitate towards the pour over method.

  1. Control: Unlike a drip coffee maker, which brews coffee automatically after you fill it, pour over coffee makers require you to do more of the work. This gives you greater control over every step of the process and, consequently, over your coffee. The grind of the coffee beans, the temperature of the water, and any other variables are up to you.
  2. Variety: Because you have this level of control, you can also experiment with the different steps of the process. While a drip coffee maker makes the same coffee each time, a pour over coffee maker offers the possibility of different results, fine-tuned to your preferences, even when you start with the same components.
  3. Taste: Whatever the details of your preferred pour over method, coffee experts agree that pour over coffee has a superior taste to most other methods. It brings out the nuance and complexities of the coffee beans, and it produces coffee that is brighter and less bitter than drip coffee.

Red Pour Over Maker.

What to Look for

Your preferred options will depend on what kind of coffee experience you’re aiming for, but here are a few things you should look at when shopping for a pour over coffee maker:

  • Size: Pour over coffee makers range in size from a traditional drip coffee pot to a single serving. Since pour over coffee is so precise, it’s best to get the size which fits the amount of coffee you’ll most often be making; don’t get the biggest one just in case, when you never drink more than two cups.
  • Filter: Depending on the style, a pour over coffee maker may use a paper, cloth, or metal filter. Paper filters are convenient and familiar to most, and they produce a clean, acidic taste because they soak up the oils in the coffee grounds. Cloth filters last longer than paper, and they make coffee that is smooth and aromatic. Metal filters are the most environmentally friendly, and they reduce acidity by allowing a small number of grounds to bind to the acids in the coffee.
  • Carafe: Some pour over coffee makers come with a carafe, which the brewing chamber or filter fits perfectly into. Others are designed to sit on top of a mug and brew a single cup of coffee. There is rarely a design that can do both, so choose based on how much coffee you expect to make at once.

How to Use a Pour Over Coffee Maker

Every style of pour over coffee maker requires slightly different technique, but these are the basic steps to using the pour over method:

  • Grind coffee beans at a ratio of 60g coffee/1L water and put in the prepared filter.
  • Heat water to your desired temperature (around 200 F is recommended).
  • Wet the coffee using just enough water to wet all of the grounds.
  • Wait as long as recommended for your style of coffee maker.
  • Pour the rest of the water slowly and evenly over the coffee.

Glass Pour Over Maker.

For Home

The best pour over coffee maker for your home mainly depends on your coffee preferences, but there are some other things to consider:

  • Aesthetics - If you have color, material, or shape options for the style of coffee maker you prefer, you may want to choose one that matches the look of your kitchen.
  • Material - Pour over coffee makers for at-home use can be any material, even ceramic or glass, which are impractical for travel or communal spaces.
  • Insulation - A pot of coffee may not have time to get cold in a space where many people are using it, but if you make a large quantity of coffee for yourself to drink throughout the day, you may want to consider a coffee maker with an insulated server.


With all the different styles, sizes, and materials that pour over coffee makers come in, it might seem intimidating to pick the right one. But once you understand the basics, as outlined above in this guide, it’s pretty easy. You’ll never look back to your old drip coffee again after using a pour over coffee maker, so pick one of our top ten list today and see what you’ve been missing!

Pour Over Coffee Maker.


How do you clean a pour over coffee maker?

Deal with the filter first; for paper filters, this simply means throwing it away, but cloth and metal filters must also be washed once the coffee is dumped out. Rinse cloth filters until there is no visible coffee left, and wash metal filters in warm soap and water before using a brush to dislodge any coffee stuck in the filter holes. The larger components of glass, metal, and ceramic coffee makers can then also be hand-washed and dried.

What coffee should you use with a pour over coffee maker?

It’s always recommended that you use whole-bean coffee and grind it immediately before brewing. You can use any roast or flavor you like and grind it to the texture recommended by your style of the coffee maker. (This depends on the type of filter it uses).

What is the best pour over coffee maker?

Any of the pour over coffee makers on our list is going to be one of the best! This means that they are all made well, and will last a lifetime if you care for them properly. They also produce incredible coffee when used with the right technique.

Where can you buy a pour over coffee maker?

You can get pour over coffee makers in most home-good stores, but we don’t recommend this, as they have a limited selection. Buy online instead to have access to the best coffee makers on the market. In fact, we’ve linked our favorites in our list above, so you can buy them right here!

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