Orange and Coffee: A Zesty and Caffeinated Combination

Orange and coffee beans.

Are you Team Coffee, or Team Orange juice in the morning? Most of us choose one drink over the other, but have you ever thought of combining the two? Today, let’s delve into the zesty combination of orange juice and coffee into one beverage: orange juice coffee!

What’s an Orange and Coffee Combo Like?

Before we run to our kitchen and replicate an orange coffee recipe, let’s get to know more of this funky drink’s origins and the myths around it!

Various coffee chains around the world explored this quirky combination. Some add orange juice to a cup of espresso, while fancier drinks include adding chocolate sauce and an orange peel to a coffee base. We do not exactly know where the orange juice coffee trend originated. One thing we know for sure is this combination is here to stay.

Oj-coffee drink.

Will my teeth break with orange juice and coffee?

Coffee alone can do some damage to your teeth, but only if you don’t keep up with your oral hygiene! Orange juice coffee won’t make things worse for you and your teeth. Make it a habit to brush your teeth before consuming anything like orange juice coffee. Wash the coffee down with a glass of water.

Will orange juice and coffee react harshly when combined?

Plain old coffee and orange juice will not cause your drink to curdle. However, the same cannot be said if you are a fan of milk or cream. Expect some curdling reaction when you add some cream to your orange juice coffee. We highly recommend drinking your orange juice coffee plain and black!

Coffee with orange juice.

Will this cause stomach ache?

Stomach aches should not be an issue if you are a long-time enthusiast of coffee. Adding orange juice to your coffee will not also turn your stomach upside down. However, if you cannot handle either orange juice or coffee on an empty stomach, keep in mind to eat something first before drinking orange juice coffee.

If you regularly experience stomach aches when drinking coffee, consider choosing a coffee brand or coffee roast that is especially low in acidity.

Give the OJ-Coffee Drink a Taste

Now that you know what it would be like drinking this zesty coffee blend, how about giving it a try? You can prepare it simply at home, or browse through coffee shops with special blends and preparations for a more exciting orange juice coffee experience.

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