Nina Luttinge

Nina Luttinge.

Hello everyone, I’m Nina. Coming from Los Angeles, California, I’ve always adored the vibe surrounding coffee shops. Particularly out by the beaches, I used to be so excited about the day I was old enough to meet up with friends for a hot drink. Once I reached the age of 18, my friends and I used to make a habit out of trying as many different cafes as we could when we would meet up. I think this is what stimulated my interest in all things coffee.

However, while I loved coffee, I never worked directly with coffee in my early years. In fact, after finishing high school, I went straight into college to study English Literature. I graduated when I was 23 years of age, but I didn’t want to jump straight into the world of work. Instead, I had some savings from working in the administration department of college, and I decided to do some traveling. I went with my best friend from college, and specifically, we targeted Asia as we were both so interested in the way of life out there.

When I was out in Asia, I reconnected with my love of cafes and coffee. The style of the cafes, teas, and coffees out there were like nothing I had ever seen. And after coming home, I wanted to combine my degree in English Literature with my love for coffee and I started doing some freelance writing for high-profile websites. I still do this to this day, as you can see! However, I became so knowledgeable about teas and coffees that I started to also work as a consultant for small to medium businesses in the industry.

I love my work, but away from my writing and consultancy work, I’m a huge fan of yoga, running, and I’ve recently taken up badminton too.