Monika Trobits

Monika Trobits.

What’s up, everyone? I’m Monika. I currently live in Texas, but originally, I’m from South Carolina. Fun fact - I’m half French, which I’m fairly certain is where my love of coffee comes from. My mother would always make a nice pot of coffee in the morning, for as long as I can remember. However, she would always tell me that the South Carolina coffee was never as good as she could get back in Paris! As it happens, we would usually have plenty of debates about which coffees were best, which flavors were the most appealing, and which countries produced the ultimate coffee bean.

The latter is actually what sparked my interest in learning more about coffee, how it’s harvested, brewed, and how it differs in various parts of the world. I’ve traveled to many countries on my list, including Columbia, Brazil, Peru, and Mexico, but there are many more I’d love to go to. Generally speaking, I travel 3-4 times per year. I’m fortunate enough that my primary work, freelance writing, allows me to do this while working remotely.

While on my travels, I also love to try and learn new languages. These days, I’m fluent in Spanish, as well as French (from my mother), and I’m trying to learn Brazilian Portuguese. My time in South America has encouraged me to do this. But besides these, I’m still a country girl, so I love some sweet tea, fishing, and driving my truck around town when at home. I’ve even developed a love for American football and baseball while living in Texas, which is something I’d never planned!

Looking forward to sharing my love of coffee and knowledge with you all.