Medium Roast Coffee

Medium roast coffee beans.

If you’re looking to taste a natural flavored coffee, then you might want to give medium roast coffee a go. Most of the flavors in this roasting process are well preserved, providing your taste buds with a terrific taste at each dip. Plus, often, the best medium roast coffee is readily available from your local grocery store and makes a pleasant cup of joe.

The truth is, taste and accessibility are just two out of many reasons why you should consider medium roast coffee; to know more, keep on reading.

Benefits Of Medium Roast Coffee

There is a lot of benefits to consuming coffee medium roast, such as the following:

  • Rich in antioxidants: Medium roast coffee has the highest antioxidant content out of the three types of roasts. Plus, it’s believed that it even has more antioxidants than green tea and cocoa. Simply consuming antioxidants, a day could reduce your risk of getting certain illnesses and conditions like cancer and heart disease. This is because the antioxidants fight the free radicals in your body, reducing oxidative damage.
  • It can help reduce body fat: If you’re looking for an aid to help kick your weight loss regime, then you might want to add medium roast coffee beans into your drink. This type of coffee has a natural antioxidant known as polyphenol chlorogenic acid. This antioxidant helps kickstart your metabolism and can be a significant contributor to helping you lose weight. It also helps you lower your blood pressure.
  • Good for skin: Medium roast coffee can be great for your skin due to its antioxidant, known as caffeic acid. Research has shown that this can help increase your collagen levels and reduce the likelihood of premature aging to cells. It also contains antimicrobial properties, allowing your skin to be protected from germs.

American medium roast coffee powder and beans.

How Is Medium Roast Coffee Made

Coffee beans get their wonderful flavor and appearance through a roasting process. It involves taking the green or raw coffee beans and placing them under a high temperature. This is done to remove any moisture and as a result, the color and flavor change.

When it comes to medium roast, the beans are removed from the roasting process just before they crack for the second time. As a result, the beans are brown and have a toasty-like flavor. It also tends to have little if not no oil. The smell of this coffee is often described as balanced with a hint of peanut and caramel.

Types Medium Roast Coffee

If you’re interested in trying the best medium roast ground coffee, you might want to give one or a few of these types:

  • American roast: A rich coffee that has a medium brown appearance. Usually, in this roast, you don’t have any oil on the surface of the coffee.
  • Breakfast roast: This is often a blend of medium roast coffee with a robust and flavorful body.

Breakfast medium roast coffee beans in a cup.

What To Look for In a Medium Roast Coffee

To help you choose the best medium roast ground coffee, you will want to pick it based on the following:

Bean rating

To know you’re getting a good coffee medium roast, you will want to look for the bean meter rating on the packaging. Usually, a medium roast coffee will have a rating of either 4,5 or 6. Often the higher the rating, the darker it is. Also, there might be a further description on the packaging like medium, med-dark, or medium-light.


A good medium roast will have a dark brown appearance with hardly any oils on its surface. The shades will be a bit darker than a light roast but not black in color like a dark roast.


The taste of the best medium roast coffee grounds are often rich in flavor and is a bit sweet than other roasts. Drinking this, you might detect hints of chocolate, caramel, and nuts.

A cup of coffee with medium roast beans.

Best Medium Roast Coffee for You

Overall, the best medium roast coffee can be quite subjective based on your taste and smell preference. When picking a medium roast, you’ll usually want to look at the bean meter rating and make a good decision based on the taste. There are three main types of medium roast: city roast, American roast, and breakfast roast. The best medium roast will have a less oily taste than the dark and light roast.


What is medium roast coffee?

This is a type of coffee that has been removed just before the second crack of the roasting process. It has a medium brown color and a less oily surface when brewed.

How much caffeine is in medium roast coffee?

The amount of caffeine can vary in medium roast coffee based on the bean and how its brewed. Usually, for a 30ml espresso shot, there’s around 120mg of caffeine in it.

Is medium roast coffee strong?

Typically, medium roast coffee has a medium level of caffeine in each cup. The flavor of medium roast coffee tends to be more balanced than other roasts.

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