Marie Nadine Antol

Marie Nadine Antol.

Hey! I’m Marie, 31 years of age, mum of two beautiful daughters, and of course, coffee mad. Since I was a small child, I can remember waking up in the morning to the smell of my dad brewing his coffee before work. One Christmas, my mother bought him an espresso machine, and I’ve never seen someone so happy. From then on, he would always have an espresso (or two) before he headed off to work. Practically every month, my dad would experiment with different espresso flavors, mixing up the origins, strength, and brand.

As I grew older, I started to become curious about why my dad was such a big fan of these espresso pods. He would tell me about how the aromas would clear his mind for the day, how the strength would make him alert, and how the taste just could not be beaten with other hot drinks. And would you know it, when I left to go to college, he bought me my very own espresso machine. During my 4-year marketing degree, I became obsessed with espressos and other forms of coffee. Heck - all those late-night study sessions needed to be fueled somehow!

I was so obsessed that I would even read about coffee as a hobby. When I graduated, I wanted to travel and see where such flavorsome coffee and espresso were coming from. That’s when I traveled to places like Asia and South America, where I discovered the more scientific processes of making coffee. My travels opened the door to my current career working as a coffee and tea scientist.

I tend to advise larger manufacturing companies on how to maximize the taste of their products, and I love my work. But in my spare time, I love reading, heading to the park with my girls, and dare I say - watching Netflix.