Maple Syrup in Coffee

Maple syrup in coffee.

Many people are aware that putting sugar in your coffee can be bad for you. But sweeteners can also be bad for your health, and foregoing sugar altogether can make your coffee far too bitter and disgusting. So, should you put maple Syrup in your coffee? Interestingly, maple syrup is an artificial flavour used in hundreds of coffee recipes, but is rarely used in its pure form. Pumpkin spice lattes for example, use artificial maple syrup, but it can be tricky to find a recipe using pure maple syrup.

Despite this, maple syrup can be one of the best ways to sweeten your coffee. It’s best to stick with pure maple syrup, instead of refined forms like pancake toppers. This will ensure the best taste for your coffee and will leave you without an artificial aftertaste. Maple Syrup can be a great sweetener in your coffee. Firstly, maple syrup is better for you than refined sugar, as its more natural and therefore less damaging to your body. Furthermore, maple syrup is thin and smooth, so will dissolve easily in your coffee. This will ensure your coffee has a balanced and sweet flavour throughout.

Here is a simple maple syrup coffee recipe to get you started:

  • First, brew some coffee. You can either use espresso or instant coffee. We recommend a low-acid coffee, as this will balance very well with the sweetness from the maple syrup. It’s also recommended that you brew a strong coffee, as this will further balance the sweetness from the maple syrup.
  • Next, heat your maple syrup. Heating your maple syrup will help it to mix with your coffee. It will also stop your coffee from becoming too cold, so it’s a simple but very important step. You can heat your maple syrup in the microwave and it’ll only take a few seconds.
  • Next, mix your coffee with the maple syrup and add milk to taste. The result will be a smooth and well-balanced brew, that is bitter to start with but has a sweet aftertaste, thanks to the maple syrup.

Overall, maple syrup can be a great addition to your coffee. It can help to balance more bitter blends, and can act as a great and healthier substitute to refined sugar. If you’re using maple syrup in your coffee, make sure to get the best quality you can, as this will enhance the taste.

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