Best Low Acid Coffee Brands

Low Acid Coffee Beans.

Are you noticing unwanted effects from your morning beverage? Perhaps you’ve tried to cut down your cups per day, but you’re still experiencing tummy issues or acid reflux. Don’t worry, there’s still hope! There is certain coffee alternative you can try that might taste better too.

Whether you have sensitive digestion or you’re prone to acid reflux, moving to a different low acid coffee could improve your wellbeing. Also, don’t mistake this coffee type for decaf! The best low acid coffee still includes caffeine to keep you going through the day.

Want to explore the best tasting low acid coffee? Scroll down to learn about this unique drink!

Benefits Of Low Acid Coffee

Why should you swap to a low acid coffee brand? Well, this unique type of drink boasts some health benefits.

Here are some key benefits you’ll experience if you swap standard coffee for its lower acid counterpart:

  • Less damage to your mouth and oral hygiene. This coffee alternative is safer for your oral health.
  • Improves your digestion. This type of coffee is better for those with ulcers, an irritable stomach, and even food intolerances. The best low acid coffee provides you energy without pain.
  • Higher levels of certain antioxidants. Some studies have shown that some beans offer better anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Better for workouts. If you suffer from acid reflux, moving to a lower acidity level might make your exercise routine more comfortable.

Woman Drinks Low Acid Coffee.

How Low Acid Coffee Is Made

Wondering how this drink is created? Keep scrolling on for a quick explanation about this revolutionary experience.

Low acid coffee is manufactured or created to have no quinic acid. This leaves the pH level of the drink nearly even. Less than a standard coffee often is. These beverage brands tend to have a pH of around 6 (neutral is 7).

This type of coffee is popular with drinkers that want a caffeine fix but have no unsavory symptoms of normal coffee. Acidic coffee often causes laxative symptoms, aggravates any IBS symptoms, and can also stain your teeth. These issues are less prevalent if you consume low acid coffee.

Various coffee-producing areas manufacture coffee with less acid. For example, coffee from areas of South America and Indonesia offers low acidity.

Types of Acids and Acidity

Though acid sounds scary, there are many acids in the food and drink we consume daily. Low acid coffee is a common option, as standard coffee causes health issues for certain drinkers.

While a pH of 7 (also called neutral) is ideal for most stomachs, some people can handle pH5 - the standard acidity of usual coffee. If you want a weaker cup some brands of low acid instant coffee are great alternatives. The pH of this alternative sits at around 6.

Did you know many other beverages we consume are often more acidic than our favorite lattes? Beer tends to sit at a pH of 4, and some fizzy pops are even more acidic with a pH of 3! If you find your stomach reacts to certain drinks, try cutting back on all acidic options.

Types Of Low Acid Coffee Beans.

Types of Low Acid Coffee

Are you interested in trying out different variations? Whether you prefer pods, ground beans, or instant powder, there are lots of options to investigate. Coffee drinkers can now also explore types of low acid decaf coffee brands!

Popular ways to enjoy a cup without the unwanted acid involve:

  • Dark roasts
  • Espresso beans
  • Cold brews
  • Low acid brands
  • Chicory or mushroom types

All of these unique options are naturally created without the excess acids, making a tasty drink that doesn’t irritate your tummy.

What To Look for In Low Acid Coffee

Are you keen on discovering the best low acid coffee? There are a few elements you should be aware of. If you want to be safe, you can look for blends or packs that specifically state their low acidity on the packages. These can be found online and in stores too.

You can also look for darker roasts as these contain fewer acidic compounds. Cold brews are another delicious alternative as the way they’re processed involves less acid. We would suggest avoiding any light-roast options or beverages created explicitly from Arabica beans as these involve higher volumes of acid.

A Cup Of Low Acid Coffee.

Best Low Acid Coffee for You

Low acid coffee beans can change your life. If you’ve been suffering from tummy irritation or bloating, low acid coffee could be the next step to improve your health. If you want to find the best brand for you, start sampling different tastes until you find one that fits! There are many guides and informative videos online, perfect for teaching beginners where to look and what low acid coffees are the best.

The options that taste the best should also have minimum impact on your body. If any medical issues continue to occur, remember to visit a registered professional for some medical advice. Always put your health and digestion first. If you suspect your standard coffee is causing you issues, it might be time to start drinking coffee with little to no acidity.

Low Acid Coffee.


Want to know more about low acid coffee drinks? We’ve compiled extra research to help you learn.

What is a good low acid coffee?

Finding an answer to this question will depend on your personal taste. Some low acid coffee will improve your acid reflux, taste good, and not cause you any digestive troubles! While answers differ for all drinkers, common favorite low acid coffees include low acid, dark roast coffee, and cold brews. Look for coffees with great reviews online and try tasting these first!

Does regular coffee have acid?

Nearly all standard coffee brands to contain acid. With an approximate pH of 5, these drinks can speed up your digestion, cause stomach irritation, and you might experience acid reflux. The majority of coffee drinkers tend to drink a few cups a day, acid can sometimes accumulate in your stomach.

How to choose a low acid coffee?

When choosing a drink to suit your needs, it’s best to try sampling a few types. Not everyone has the same taste, so get out there and test brands! You can explore many low acid decaf coffees too for those avoiding caffeine.

Which type of coffee is least acidic?

Looking for lower acid levels? Look for low acid coffee brands that provide safe-to-drink options. Other brands or cold brews might still include a little acid in their products, so check the labels.

Which roast of coffee is the least acidic?

Darker roast coffee is suggested to have lower acidity out of all of the types, whereas a light roast includes more. As dark roasts are processed for long periods, many acids are diminished in the process.

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