Lance Hedrick

Lance Hedrick.

Hey guys, I’m Lance. I’m originally from Georgia, but today, I live and work in New York — the Big Apple! Coffee has always been a part of my life, and it has shaped my career in all honesty. Back in my hometown in Georgia, I took a job at a local coffee shop when I was just a boy. Originally, I worked as a barista, but to be perfectly honest, I did get bored just serving the same old coffees day in and day out.

While working at this coffee shop, however, I became known as the “fixer guy”. Any time one of the machines failed, or something was off with the coffee, I was the one they sent into battle. I became familiar with so many machines that I could have done it blindfolded by the time I left. And when I left, in my early 20s, it seemed a natural transition to move into a sales position — specifically for coffee equipment!

Rather than going to college, I took up the job in New York, as mentioned earlier. Fast forward 9 years, I’m still here, while writing about my area of expertise on the side. And I must say, New York has one of the most diversified coffee scenes in the world. I sell machines to individual businesses, Starbucks, and if I have free time, I will still go and perform maintenance work on machines that I have sold. Of course, I like to drink a fair bit of coffee to keep up with my demanding schedule too.

Whenever I’m not selling or fixing coffee machines, I’m an avid golfer. I love going to the driving ranges around Manhattan, and naturally, I love to get out and have a coffee with friends — particularly in the Meatpacking District.