Italian Espresso Machine

Italian Espresso Machine.

Unless you’re somewhat of an all-knowing coffee snob that knows your way around the market, (in which case you should let us know!) purchasing an affordable, high-quality, and durable Italian espresso machine is anything but straightforward. And it’s not hard to see why.

Buying an Italian espresso machine that would send your Italian friends into a cuppa-stricken frenzy that leaves them asking “where can I get mine from?” involves you carefully weighing and considering the qualities of the different machines you’re looking to purchase.

Why Should You Choose an Italian Espresso Machine?

Getting something like an Italian espresso machine should be an intentional choice that should be coming from an informed mind. There are a plethora of reasons why choosing to buy an Italian espresso machine is a good choice, and some of them will be highlighted.

  1. It’s largely Convenient: Having your Italian espresso machine affords you the ease and convenience of taking your morning coffee comfortably in your pajamas without having to leave the house. It also saves your time since there will be no need to wait in line in front of Starbucks when you can save time and energy for something else. This factor is especially advantageous if you are a remote worker; making your shot of espresso between video chats or phone calls and not having to make unnecessary trips to a coffeehouse.
  2. Environmental Impact: The millions of coffee cups used by coffeehouses and coffee lovers year in year out contribute to environmental mess as they take thousands of years to decompose. But making a cup of coffee in the convenience of your home means you’re likely to use a mug or reusable cup. If you do this every day, then you’re at least taking away 365 cups from landfills every year.
  3. It Affords You the Chance to Explore: Having your espresso machine also affords you the chance to play and explore with different blends of coffee till you find the one that you adore and can’t do without. The excitement of looking forward to what taste of coffee your “concoction” will take, might even make taking coffee a more exciting prospect for you. This exhilaration is something that a pod coffee maker because of the usually restricted selection of the manufacturer, but a home Italian espresso machine will open to you, an infinite world of coffee to explore.
  4. More Options: Another advantage of owning an Italian espresso machine is that you are not bound by the brand of coffee sold at your local café and you can choose instead from a variety of coffee options for your morning coffee. This will necessarily take away the boring routine of having the same thing over and again.
  5. Improves Your Coffee Skill Level: One other advantage that a personal espresso machine affords you is that you get to improve your coffee-making knowledge and skill. After all, the secret to knowing how to do a thing is continued practice. This will also make you know and understand how different adjustments (time of brew, coffee type, grind size etc) affect the taste of your coffee.

Best Italian Espresso Machines.

What to Look for?

  • Cost: The price of an Italian espresso machine is one vital to consider when trying to buy one. Agreeably, your espresso machine will save you the cost of always having to buy an espresso at your local cafe. But it is equally important that you cut your coat according to your financial size.
  • Ease of Use: You will agree that there is no point in buying a machine that you won't be able to operate easily as it would not only be frustrating, it would also be a waste of time. And you might even get exhausted along the line that you have to go back to getting your coffee from the local café. The making of the espresso is in itself a complex and delicate thing. So as a novice in the art of coffee-making, the easier the machine is to operate, the better for you.
  • Grinder Selection: The grinder selection on the espresso machine is likewise an important factor to consider. A good grinder makes for a precise and consistent grind.
  • Coffee Preference: Some people might not like to get their coffee outside because they're fussy about how it is made. If this is you, getting your Italian espresso machine will be a favorable choice as it gives you control over the brewing process. That way, you get to make your espresso just how you like it. Besides, the brewing of the same type of coffee might differ from one machine to another.
  • Special Features and Options: The other important thing to look out for when buying an Italian espresso machine is the features and options that it comes with. While some espresso machines may have features that you admire, others might just be plain and simple. And a particular feature may be a determining factor in the kind of espresso you can make with the machine.

How to Use an Italian Espresso Machine

Admittedly, using an Italian espresso machine can be complex especially to a novice but if you can follow this process, it becomes easy from there.

  • Turn On and Preheat Your Espresso Maker: The first thing to do is turn on the espresso machine to preheat it. You can leave it running for around 20 minutes.
  • Measure and Grind Your Beans: Set your grinder to fine grind size, place your portafilter on a scale to measure the espresso beans you'll fill it with. Meanwhile, you might need to write down the volume of the espresso beans you will use so all related measurements will be consistent. Afterward, grind the beans into the portafilter.
  • Tamp Your Grinds: The next process after this is to tamp the ground beans so they're on the same level. This is to ensure that the bed is flat and even. This way, you will be saved from futile or inconsistent extraction.

Only when this is done can you go a-brewing!

Brew your Beans and Pull Your Shots

To brew, place your portafilter into the machine for the required time. When this is done, you can then pull your shots! And just like Italians, you may choose to enjoy your coffee pure.

Best Italian Espresso Machines For Home.

Best for Home

There is no general answer for this because what works for you might not work for someone else. Though there are a lot of good machines, you must consider what you're looking for in an Italian espresso machine and what will easily be adaptable to your kitchen. For instance, you don’t want to get a large-sized machine if you have a limited kitchen space.


Because espresso machines are such a significant investment, deciding which one to buy comes with a lot of deliberation and contemplation. A good espresso machine will produce excellent espresso and will be designed to endure. With this guide, we believe you’ve got all the competence to be your own barista, saving you loads of money that would’ve been otherwise spent on expensive beverages at your neighborhood coffee shop.


How to Clean an Italian Espresso Machine?

To clean an Italian espresso machine, follow these steps:

  • Bring out the portafilter.
  • Measure the designated cleaning powder into the portafilter.
  • Put the portafilter back into the machine.
  • Push the brew button.
  • Take out the dirty liquid from the portafilter and rinse it.
  • Repeat the circle without the cleaning powder to wash out the scent.

What Coffee to Use for an Italian Espresso Machine?

Though you may use regular coffee beans for your Italian espresso machine, it won't be as fine as it should be. Hence, the only way you can fully optimize this machine is to use it for espresso beans as that is what it is specifically designed for.

What is the Best Italian Espresso Machine?

The best Italian espresso machine is the one that ticks most or all that is on your list. Because everyone’s needs and realities differ, the same “best” Italian espresso machine cannot be recommended for everyone.

Where to Buy an Italian Espresso Machine?

You can get an Italian espresso machine from the superstore close to you or better still, from an online vendor. You’ll be best served if you get a manual or semi-automatic one if you’re looking for the ultimate ‘Italian’ Espresso experience that comes from you brewing with full control and loads of leeway.

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