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Best Iced Tea Maker.

Investing in the right kitchen equipment makes life easier. An Iced tea maker especially is one friend you must have on sunny days. They are super useful and will be a great addition to your kitchen. In this guide, you will find all you need to know about the ice tea maker and how to choose the best one for your home.

Benefits of the Iced Tea Maker

Having a good iced tea maker has a lot of benefits. Some of these benefits are;

  • Time-saving: With a good iced tea maker, you can make cups of fresh iced tea in an instant. With the availability of cold brew iced tea makers, you can cut out the frustration of having to wait while your tea cools.
  • Serving capacity: An iced tea maker can cater to a group of people at once. If you fancy small afternoon gatherings, you can easily provide cups of iced tea for your guests.
  • Varieties: You can easily create your iced tea recipes using the iced tea maker. You no longer have to brew your tea with pots or in your mug. You can simply brew your herbs and fruits with tea bags all in one place.

What to Look for In Iced Tea Makers

Ready to pick an iced tea maker for your home? Here are things to look out for before purchasing one:

  • The pitcher’s capacity: When shopping, you will mostly find 1 gallon iced tea makers. However, you should consider if the capacity of the iced tea maker is suitable for you. If you purchase a tea maker for your restaurant, you will need one with a large iced tea maker. For personal use, a single serve iced tea maker is more appropriate.
  • Type of iced tea maker: you can either get a manual or an electric iced tea maker. While an electric iced tea brewer has the auto shut off feature, the manual iced tea maker requires you to monitor the tea until it is done.
  • Tight lids: watch out for the lids of the pitchers when choosing an iced tea maker. While some have lid-proof locks, some don’t. Check for pitchers with leak-proof to avoid spilling tea all over the place. Airtight pitchers will also help keep your tea scent than one with no leak-proof.
  • Pitcher material: The pitchers are made with glass or plastic. While a plastic pitcher will have difficulty breaking if it falls, a glass iced tea maker will shatter into pieces without hesitation. Also, check for the material of the pitcher’s handle too. Ensure the handle is easy to grip and not slippery.
  • Iced tea maker design: The best electric iced tea makers come with a reusable brew basket that prevents the leaves and tea bags from getting into your tea; some don’t. You will have to use paper filters for the ones that don’t have the brew basket. For manual iced tea makers, infusers are there to hold the leaves and tea bags. Using the infuser, however, takes much longer to use when used to brew your tea.

Cold brew tea maker

Types of Iced Tea Makers

There are two types of iced tea makers:

  • Electric iced tea maker: An electric iced tea maker is automated. It stops when your tea is done brewing. They can heat water for your tea in no time which makes them faster than the manual iced tea maker.
  • Manual iced tea maker: The manual iced tea maker takes much longer to brew tea. They also do not have the auto shut off and usually require you to boil water separately for your tea. They are however portable compared to the electric iced tea maker.

Best Iced Tea Maker for Your Home

Check out these tips to choose the most appropriate iced tea maker for your home:

  • Do not pick a glass iced tea maker if you have little kids in the house.
  • Pick an iced tea maker with an easy grip to avoid slipping off.
  • For a large family, pick a large gallon iced tea maker.


Picking the right tea maker can be quite a hassle without a guide. However, with the right criteria, you will find it easier to pick one. I hope this article made your shopping less time-consuming in your quest to get the best iced tea maker. Enjoy your new kitchen addition!

Brewed Ice Tea In A Glass.


How to use an iced tea maker?

Iced tea makers come with manuals. Ensure you read and follow all instructions on the manual. The instructions are most times peculiar to the one you have purchased.

What is the best iced tea maker?

There are many excellent iced tea makers available that you can purchase in the market. However, the best iced tea maker for you would suit your purpose the most.

How to clean iced tea maker?

Wash your pitcher with warm water and mild detergent after use. You can clean your brew basket by soaking it with white vinegar. Avoid using harsh chemicals to clean your tea maker.

Is it cheaper to make your iced tea?

Yes, making your iced tea is cheaper than purchasing bottled or canned ones. Brewing your iced tea is more satisfying too. The process is even easier if you own an iced tea maker.

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