How Can You Use Coffee Beans in an Unusual Way in Everyday Life?

How To Use Coffee Beans.

Mentioning the word coffee creates an image of the morning rituals that most people execute. This is because it is a tasty and beneficial concoction that kickstarts your day on a cheerful note. However, there is more about coffee than typically being a tasty beverage. This article has garnered some unusual ways to utilize coffee beans in your day-to-day life.

Meat Rub

Coffee Marinade For Meat.

Coffee is one of the best options for breakfast but can also serve great roles when preparing dinner. Rubbing ground coffee on your meat acts as a flavor and provides a unique taste. You are required to toast coffee beans on a hot pat for about 30 seconds. Do not forget to shake the pan to prevent burning. You can also add other steak spices, rub them on the meat and marinate them in the fridge for some hours. Then cook your meat in any desired method and enjoy the delicacy.

Cleaning Abrasive

Coffee Cleaning Abrasive.

Sometimes you can utilize different techniques when cleaning utensils. Ground coffee beans have a coarse texture that makes them ideal for scrubbing tough kitchen utensils. Such include scraping dishes, eradicating cake-on pans, or scrubbing your stovetop. You are required to spread the ground coffee beans on the utensil and scrub just as usual. Remember to cleanse thoroughly afterward for a refreshingly clean look.

Breath Freshener

Coffee Bean As Breath Freshener.

When you run out of mints but are still in search of a breath freshener, coffee beans can provide a great alternative. You can suck a coffee bean on the way out of the door and experience a fresher breath within a short period.

Exfoliant for skin

Coffee Body Scrub.

Ground coffee beans have an abrasive texture that enhances the skin scrub. Plus, they're soft enough to prevent blistering and scratching. It is required to gently massage the skin with a small amount of ground coffee beans. It simulates sand cleaning, but with a pleasant feel. The result is a smooth espresso aroma.

Drawings and Paintings

Drawing With Coffee.

Painters and artists have derived fun and appealing ways of crafting their products. Coffee has been used for ages as paint. Coffee beans are grounded and mixed with water to be used as ‘paint’. For instance, you can use it to create images on a cardboard or a sheet which will later dry up to form a faded, brown, unique look.

In the Garden

Using Ground Coffee In The Garden.

Coffee grounds can be incorporated with lye to come up with a productive composting material. This is because coffee has high amounts of nitrogen, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and other imperative minerals.


What products are made with coffee beans?

Coffee can be used to make compost, fertilizer, insect repellant, air freshener, among other day-to-day products.

Can I use ground coffee beans instead of a scrub?

Grounded coffee beans have a fine, coarse texture that promotes scrubbing effects which mimics sand or other scrubbing alternatives. It can be used for facial scrub or cleaning utensils.

Can I use coffee beans for aroma in the house?

Coffee beans have been used to produce air fresheners that provide a great coffee bean scent in the house. You can also mix with other components for a variety of fragrances.

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