How To Make French Press Coffee

Brewed Coffee In A French Press.

Around the world, French press coffee is becoming increasingly popular. It's well-known since it's one of the most effective ways to make extremely concentrated coffee. Many people would like to learn how to brew French press coffee. You'll just need coarse coffee grinds and hot water between 190- and 200-degrees Fahrenheit for this. Water left for some minutes after boiling should reach that temperature.

Here’s how to make French press coffee:

  • French press instructions often advise users to warm the device before use. It helps the coffee beans to retain heat for longer by reducing temperature shock. After that, you may dry the French press.
  • Measure your coffee grinds into the press and leave it till it’s soaked. Two teaspoons of coffee to one cup of water is the standard French press coffee ratio. Then pour the proper amount of the boiled water into your coffee and let it sit for a while.
  • Stir the mixture and cover to allow the coffee to steep. Depending on how finely crushed the beans are, the steep time is about three to five minutes.
  • Push down the plunger carefully after approximately five minutes, and your coffee will be above the plunger in a few seconds, ready to pour into a coffee decanter or cup.

If you want to prepare cold brew coffee with a French press, follow the same steps, but allow a longer time for the French press coffee to steep. It's a simple procedure, and we hope you find this guide useful.


How much caffeine is in one cup of French press coffee?

French press coffee contains more caffeine than drip coffee and even espresso. An eight-ounce cup of French press coffee contains about 80 - 135 mg of caffeine, depending on how concentrated it is.

Сan I use finely ground coffee for a French press?

Finely ground coffee beans will be too small a particle for the mesh strainer of a French press. Except you don’t mind having coffee grounds in your mouth while drinking coffee, you’ll need additional filtration to coffee made from finely ground beans.

What if the coffee tastes bitter?

The coffee tastes bitter if the French press coffee grind is too fine. The size of the grind has to be mastered because if it’s too coarse, the taste becomes weaker as well.

The coffee goes down when brewing. Is this fine?

It is fine but maybe an indicator that the coffee grinds are fine. Coarse grinds float because they hold gases, and they do so better compared to fine grinds.

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