How To Make Cuban Coffee

Cuban Coffee.

As coffee enthusiasts, we would be biased if we don’t drive into the Cuban coffee street. Known for its sweet, yet strong taste, it is a very popular drink in Cuba. And a day doesn’t go by without a cup of Cuban coffee or two with or without other meal complements. There are different types of Cuban coffee, and they are Cuban colada, unsweetened Cuban expresso, and a cortado coffee. Here is how to make dark, strong coffee without traveling to Cuba.

What You'll Need

These are the things you would need in our Cuban coffee recipe.

  • 2 tsp of brown demerara sugar or granulated sugar
  • Water
  • Cuban coffee cups/espresso cups
  • Ground coffee for Cuban coffee
  • Mixing spoon
  • Moka or Cuban coffee pot (or a Cuban coffee maker)

Cuban Coffee With Coffee Maker.

Instructions (using a coffee maker)

➔ Fill up your Cuban coffee maker or espresso maker with water.

➔ Add the ground coffee.

➔ Set the temperature to medium-high and brew.

➔ Pour the sugar into a cup and add the first drops of espresso into the cup.

➔ Stir the sugar (while the expresso continues brewing) until it is thick and foamy.

➔ When the expresso is done brewing, add it into the stirred sugar. Mix it all and serve in the Cuban coffee cups provided.

A Cup Of Cuban Coffee.

Instructions (using the coffee pot)

➔ Pour water into the pot and the bottom chamber.

➔ Add coffee to the filter using a spoon (don’t compress).

➔ Attach the filter to the pot.

➔ Apply heat to the pot (medium heat) so that the coffee brews gradually.

➔ Fill all coffee cups with sugar, and when the coffee is boiled, add some to the sugar and mix.

➔ When it is thick foamy, add the remaining coffee and serve while it’s hot.

We hope you have been able to learn a few things from this article. Below are the answers to a few frequently asked questions concerning Cuban coffee.


What are the contraindications to drinking Cuban coffee?

Cuban coffee is illegal in some states because of how strong it is. Therefore, you need to be sure that it is legal in your state before preparing it.

Which type of coffee to choose for making Cuban coffee?

A dark ground roast or any Cuban coffee ground is the kind of coffee to use when making a cafecito. You can get one from any local store around you.

How strong is Cuban coffee?

Cuban coffee is one of the strongest coffees in the world. It is also very bitter, which is why the sugar is added in large quality.

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