How To Make Coffee Without Coffee Maker

Coffee Is Brewed In A Saucepan On the Stove.

Do You Know How Old Coffee Is?

The truth is the origins of coffee date back to 850 AD; in fact, it could be even earlier than this initial documentation! Back then, it was invented in Yemen and commonly drank in monasteries. While it’s hard to get the exact recipe, many people still choose to drink coffee the traditional way without a coffee machine.

To help you, today we’re going to cover the most simple, easiest, and different ways to make coffee.


If you’re low on supplies in your kitchen, you can make tasty coffee using a saucepan. Here is how to make coffee on the stove:

  • Get a pan.
  • Pour in hot water and stir in coffee grounds. Make sure the amount of grounds you use is similar to what you’d put in a coffee maker.
  • Make sure the flame is on medium-high heat, and your coffee is brought to a boil. When hot, occasionally stir for up to 2 minutes.
  • Take away from the heat and let it cool for 4 minutes. Once done, use a spoon or a coffee strainer and pour the coffee into a mug.

DIY Coffee Filter

Have you ever drunk filtered coffee before? Believe me, It’s incredibly tasty. All you need is a handkerchief and mason jar, and follow these steps:

  • Use a handkerchief or a clean cotton cloth, place over the jar and attach clips to the jar. Make sure the clips aren’t too tight, so the cloth dips into the jar.
  • Get a single scoop of coffee grounds and place them into the hankie pouch.
  • Pour a little bit of hot water over the grounds and let them soak into the handkerchief.
  • Add more water slowly, so the jar fills up.
  • Remove the handkerchief and the grounds, then drink.


See? Making coffee without a machine is a really easy task. We hope that wherever you are, you use these recipes, and they are helpful to you.


How much coffee grounds per serving?

When it comes to coffee grounds per serving, it’s all about balance. To give you a rough idea, you should be putting around 1-2 teaspoons of grounds in for every 6 cups of water. However, you can adjust them based on your taste and preferences.

What can be used instead of a coffee maker?

There are several ways you can make coffee at home or on the go without a coffee maker. All you need is a saucepan, handkerchief, jar, or a french press.

What can I use instead of a coffee filter?

You can make drip coffee by making a homemade coffee filter. All you need are paper towels, napkins, mesh sieves (Fine ones), Cloth napkins or handkerchiefs, tea bags.

What water is better to use?

Regarding making coffee with water, there can be a bit of debate whether soft or hardwater is better. Generally, groundwater brings out more of the flavor in coffee.

What is the ratio of water to coffee?

Generally, when making a cup of coffee, you will want a 1:17 ratio. Doing this will allow all the flavors of your coffee to dissolve properly and produce a rejuvenating aroma.

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