How To Make Coffee In A Percolator

Percolator On A Stovetop.

You can brew coffee in an espresso machine, a coffee maker, a French press, or even a Cuban coffee pot. But have you ever tried a Percolator coffee? It is a little dated but it is still the only equipment that can serve you the heaviest, strongest, and most potent coffee taste you will ever try. So, if you have a Percolator somewhere at home (whether it is a stovetop coffee percolator or an electric one), we would show you how to use it to make coffee at home. But first, what is the difference between the two?

Coffee Percolator Stove Top VS Electric Percolator

See it like this – manual and automatic. The stovetop percolator needs constant monitoring. You would also have to set and regulate the temperature yourself. Electric Percolators are easier to use because these settings are already automated in place. However, only the stovetop coffee percolator is best for situations such as outdoor camping.

How to make Percolator coffee?

Follow the step-by-step guide on how to use a coffee Percolator to make a heavy, strong, and hot cup of coffee blend.

  • Clean your Percolator. There is a huge chance it is dusty from here it has been kept all this while.
  • If your percolator is not assembled, arrange it. Place the stand and the stem together and arrange them in the pot.
  • Pour water into the base of the percolator.
  • Add your percolator coffee grind to the basket of the stem. For a large cup of coffee, about 1 tsp of ground coffee will do.
  • Close up the basket with its cover. Make sure it is tightened firmly.
  • For how to use a camping coffee percolator, place the equipment on a cold burner and heat it slowly.
  • For an electric one, turn it on (or plug it in), and watch the machine do its job.
  • Watch for about 7-10 minutes until your brew has reached your desired strength. That’s basically how long to percolate coffee.
  • After brewing, remove the percolator from heat.
  • Allow the coffee grounds to settle for about 5 minutes. Then pour your coffee in a cup using your percolator filters.
  • (Optional) You can add sweetener, foam, milk, creamer, chocolate, or any other flavorings you desire.

And that’s how to make coffee in a percolator. Check out some of our frequently asked questions to learn more about percolated coffee.


How fine should coffee be ground?

Your coffee grind should not be fine, else you would end up with a very bitter coffee blend. It is better to use a coarse coffee blend. Just make sure that it is freshly ground.

How much coffee to put in the percolator?

This depends on the size of the percolator and the strength of the brew. A tsp of coffee for 6 ounces of water is okay. But for a lighter brew, you can add 2 more ounces of water or reduce the coffee measurement to half a tsp.

Is there any sediment in the coffee when brewing in a percolator? Is this normal?

Yes, some coffee grounds would remain after brewing. And this is normal. After brewing, you should allow the sediments to settle or you can use a percolator filter if you are in a hurry.

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