How To Grind Coffee Beans Without Grinder

How To Grind Coffee Beans.

Did you know coffee beans have manually been crushed throughout the centuries and are still done today?

Many people choose to grind and coffee beans manually using a pestle and mortar. This process depends on a rotating motion to create a fine and consistent ground. But this option is not always for everyone as many people can get exhausted easily and may wish to grind using a machine. Whether you prefer to grind using a machine or want to grind without one, we're going to provide you with some tips and tricks on how to do so today.

How To Grind Coffee Beans

You don't need to have a fancy Italian coffee grinder to crush your beans; you can do it with some kitchen appliances.

Grind Coffee Beans With Blender.

  • Blender: If you have a blender at home, it's a great alternative to using a machine. The blender comes with a blade that is used to chop up coffee, similar to how a typical grinder would. You might even find your blender having a grinder setting which can be ideal for your beans.

    If you use a blender, make sure you grind in small amounts to stop the blade from breaking. Also, you will want to be cautious of running the blade at high speed, as it can create a heat cavity. If you have too much heat, it might cause the natural oils in the beans to be cooked, producing a bitter taste of coffee. Once you've finished grinding, you will want to wash your blender to not have a coffee smell.

  • Rolling pin: Due to its slender and sturdy design, a rolling pin can help crush and grind beans. You will need to add some grease to the rolling pin and be consistent with your movements to do this. If you wish to grind your beans using a rolling pin, you will need to do the following:
    • Place the coffee in a plastic bag.
    • Put the bag on a flat surface i.e., a kitchen counter.
    • Use the pin like a hammer and smash the beans until they disintegrate.
    • Roll the rolling pin back and forth to make sure the beans are rolled to the desired consistency.
  • Hammer: Another household appliance you can use is the hammer, which involves the same strategy as a rolling pin. It just involves you applying downward pressure on the coffee with your mallet and then smashing them until they are the required texture.
  • Pestle and mortar: If you have a pestle and mortar in your kitchen, you can actually grind coffee easily. Just hold the pestle with your dominant hand and mortar in the other. Make sure you have a firm grip, and don't let the mortar slip from your hands. Then just keep crushing with the pestle.

Grind Coffee Beans With Pestle.


Overall, coffee is a pretty awesome drink to consume, and it tastes much better grounded than being bought packaged. The truth is, you don't need to travel to a coffee shop to enjoy fresh ground coffee. You can actually do it yourself using kitchen appliances such as a blender, rolling pin, or a pestle and mortar.


Can you make coffee with whole beans?

Yes, you can brew coffee without ever crushing the seeds! However, you probably won't like the final taste of the coffee due to the extraction time and how long it takes for the water to cool down.

How many coffee beans to grind?

The amount of coffee beans you choose to grind depends on the type of coffee intake you have. When looking for a single cup of coffee, the best thing to do is, add two tablespoons of coffee for every 6 ounces of water.

Where to grind coffee beans?

There's a lot of options when it comes to grinding coffee beans. You can take them to a coffee shop, grind them in a pestle and mortar, blender, hammer, and more.

How long to grind coffee beans for espresso?

Espresso tends to be more of a sweeter type of coffee. Because of this, you will want to have a coarse grind. If you grind it for too long, it may go bitter.

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