How To Drink Green Tea Every Day for The Most Benefit

Drink Green Tea.

Tea is so much more than the regular day-to-day cold-weather beverage; a cup of tea a day can help keep the doctors away. Studies have shown that the healthy intake of green tea can be attributed to a wide range of health benefits. This includes reducing the risk of certain terminal diseases like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. It is also known to facilitate weight loss and improve mental functions. Whether or not you are aware of these functions, this article focuses on teaching you ways of drinking your tea daily without missing out on any of these benefits.

Drinking Your Green Tea Healthily

Although green tea might have been regarded severally as an ultimate wellness drink, side effects may also occur in cases of uncontrolled consumption or the addition of harmful additives. Below are some healthier methods of taking your green tea daily while maximizing its health benefits.

Green Tea With Natural Flavors.

Use Natural Flavors

Green teas are naturally known for being highly beneficial to health. However, in the presence of unnecessary additives, it might do you more harm than good. While taking your daily dose of green tea from the tea mug, ensure that it is free of unnecessary sweetening. Instead, you can boost the flavor by choosing natural options, including lemon, orange, wedge, a cinnamon stick, or some fresh herbs.

Do Not Add Excessive Sugars

Each sugar packet accounts for about 15-20 caloric increases. A daily accumulation of such can be of extreme detriment to your health. Cutting down your sugar usage is one healthy way of drinking your green tea every day.

Kettle With Green Tea For Health.

Add Low-Fat Milk or Soy Milk

This is another healthy way of increasing the flavor of your green tea without necessarily adding too much sugar. A few teaspoons are the recommended amount for a standard tea mug.


Very few things are as satisfying as the premium taste of a well-brewed green tea from the perfect teapot, and the advantages do not only stop there. Green teas are famous for a wide range of benefits, including several healing properties. A healthy intake coupled with the correct method of consumption can be set on the right part without unhealthy side effects.

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