How to choose a coffee grind for the best coffee

Types Of Coffee Grind.

The art of coffee brewing is a meticulous process. Before you proceed with brewing, let us first take a deep dive into the different coffee bean grinds and the flavors they extract.

It is also important to match the coffee grind type with the appropriate brewing method. In this article, we answer some commonly asked questions on choosing the perfect coffee grind.

What is the normal grind for coffee?

You probably have seen packages of pre-ground coffee beans in the grocery store. Those are typical of fine grind, one of the most popular coffee grind types. However, store-bought ground coffee lacks freshness. Grinding coffee beans just before brewing them ideally prepares you for a fresh, aromatic, and flavorful coffee brew.

Medium Coffee Grind.

What are the different types of grind for coffee?

There are 7 coffee grind types, ranging from coarse to fine. The grind size significantly affects the flavor of the coffee extract for a given steeping period.

  • Extra Coarse. Extra coarse grind looks bigger than sea salt grains. Water moves quickly between these large bits, extracting weaker flavor and aroma. The cold brew method is most suitable for the large extra coarse grounds. This is also the go-to grind for a caffeine rush during camping.
  • Coarse. Coarse grind looks and feels like rock salt. The French Press is a coarse grind’s best friend. To get the most out of your coarse coffee grounds, steep them for 4 minutes or longer.
  • Medium Coarse. Medium coarse grind feels like rough sand; a cross between medium and coarse grinds. Pour-over brewing with the Chemex brings out the smooth and rich body of medium coarse coffee grounds.
  • Medium. The medium grind has come to be the standard coffee grind. Medium ground coffee beans are the sweet spot for newbies to coffee brewing and are best brewed with the drip coffee method.
  • Medium Fine. A medium fine grind looks and feels like smooth sand, but does not clump. Brewed best with the pour-over method or any cone-shaped coffee maker, medium fine ground beans produce a vibrant flavor.
  • Fine. A fine grind, or espresso grind, is a common grind for pre-ground coffee. It is powdery to touch and extracts a sharp flavor. An espresso maker or Moka pot works best with finely ground coffee. You can also use an Aeropress to brew fine grind.
  • Extra Fine. Extra fine grind is soft and powdery like flour. The Turkish coffee brewing method exclusively uses extra fine ground to produce the trademark bold flavor and body of Turkish coffee.

Medium Fine Coffee Grind.

What happens if you grind coffee too fine?

If you grind your coffee a little too finely than necessary, you may end up over-extracting your coffee. Depending on the brewing method you use, too fine coffee grounds can produce overwhelmingly bitter and undrinkable coffee.

Does a finer grind make stronger coffee?

No, it doesn`t. The Finer grind does not exactly make for a stronger coffee. The strength of coffee depends on the acidity and the roast type of coffee beans. Grind size, on the other hand, only determines steeping time for proper extraction of coffee. Grind your beans to the size appropriate for the brewing method you will use to produce a pleasant and flavorful batch of coffee.

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