How Caffeine Can Make You Tired

Caffeine Make Woman Tired.

Caffeine, whether you’re getting it from coffee, tea, or someplace else, is expected to give you a boost of energy. For many, the effects are immediate, which is why so many people rely on that cup of joe first thing every morning.

But sometimes, you might experience more fatigue than a rush after consuming caffeine. While the root cause may be different depending on the person, it’s important to understand the factors that are potentially causing your post-caffeine intake crash.

Caffeine Causing You Tiredness.

The Reasons Caffeine is Making You Tired

Remember that caffeine is a quick fix to feeling alert and ready for the day. It shouldn’t be relied upon to be able to function. Here are the main reasons caffeine might be making you tired:

Increased Stress Levels

When some people drink caffeine, their stress hormone (cortisol) can increase. That might not cause you to be tired initially, but if that stress is keeping you up at night, that can lead to fatigue down the road.

Too Much Caffeine

When you drink a cup of coffee, the caffeine blocks the effects of adenosine, which is the molecule in your brain that makes you feel sleepy. However, the longer you block adenosine, the harder it will hit once the caffeine wears off.

Built-Up Tolerance

If you’ve upped your daily caffeine dosage to such a high level, out of response, your brain might be producing more adenosine receptors. While some research has questioned this theory, the fact remains that some people just don’t respond the same way to caffeine.


For a large portion of the population, caffeine can act as a diuretic. If you’re constantly going to the bathroom after you drink caffeine, that could be causing you to be dehydrated, which results in fatigue, dizziness, and confusion.

Sugar Crash

If you’re adding sweeteners such as sugar or honey to your cup of coffee or tea, that could cause a spike in insulin production. This may lead to a drop in blood glucose levels — in other words, a sugar crash!

A Cup Of Coffee With Coffeine.

It’s important to note that these are the most common reasons for caffeine causing you tiredness. Everyone’s body chemistry is different, so what works for one person may not work for you. But by making some adjustments to your caffeine intake and routine, you can find the right balance that gives you the most energy to get through your busy day!

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