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Gooseneck Kettles.

The attention that goes into brewing coffee maybe second only to the attention that goes into choosing a coffee maker and for good reason! With the right coffee maker in your corner, it becomes almost impossible to brew bad coffee. The gooseneck kettle is one coffee maker that has proven time and time again to be effective.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at this contemporary coffee maker that has stood the test of time; embraced modernization but maintained its traditional essence. Here are the top 10 gooseneck kettles out there so you can choose one now or come back once you’re done reading this review!

Why you should choose a gooseneck kettle

Simply put, to make amazing coffee! To go into more detail, well, there are a ton of reasons why you should choose a gooseneck kettle. See for yourself:

  1. Precision brewing: The shape and design of a gooseneck make it easy to control virtually every part of the brewing process. The neck allows for a tapered pour-over at a flow rate of your choosing, ultimately leading to evenly brewed coffee. The importance of precision in coffee-brewing cannot be overemphasized and you may have noticed by now that experts place priority on even coffee grounds, controlled water addition, reducing splashes, etc. The gooseneck kettle allows for all of that and more!
  2. Convenience: The dream coffee-maker is one that does the job instantly and effectively – and a gooseneck kettle fits that profile perfectly! Your cup of Joe would be ready in as little time as possible without losing any of all that brown goodness!
  3. Protects the coffee: Now, surely this doesn’t mean we should lose concentration when brewing coffee. Human error must be kept under lock-and-key at all times. As long as you follow your brewing recipe to the teeth, you can be 100% sure that the kettle would play its part – preventing splash, controlled temperature, precise pour-over – ultimately ensuring that no grounds would go to waste in your home! The gooseneck kettle is a traditional pour-over kettle that’s specially designed for brewing coffee and so it automatically works to protect both the user and coffee from burn!
  4. Protects the user: The best gooseneck kettles come with as many avionics as an F-35 fighter jet! Everything from a temperature gauge that helps keep the heat under control to a state-of-the-art heat-resistant body and handle, these kettles have it all! The ergonomic handle means you won’t find yourself, friends, or family burning hands ever so often from lifting a heated-up kettle.

Gooseneck Kettle For Stove Top.

What to look for

  • Capacity: Gooseneck kettles come in various shapes and sizes. Although they always look beautiful with the sleek gooseneck design, you shouldn’t have to trade-off capacity for beauty. Go for something practical; a kettle that can fill every mouth in the family without taking too much time. Coffee is traditionally an early-morning beverage and so brewing multiple rounds just for everyone to have a cup could cause delay at work for you.
  • Quality materials: Any tool that works under heat and pressure must be made of high-quality material for obvious safety reasons – and that applies here too. So, if you’re in the market in search of a pour-over kettle, one of the first things to check for before getting impressed by other features is the effectiveness of the material in keeping the heat away from you and your family. This material should distribute the heat across the bottom surface of the kettle, which is necessary for even brewing. This can sound like a technical check and maybe it is – but we’ve done the research and every kettle in the table above blazed through in flying colors!
  • Ergonomic handles: The handle of the best pour-over kettle for you would conduct little to no heat. Lifting your kettle off the stove or from the wall socket shouldn’t leave you with red palms and the handle is the bit that ensures that. With that said, you should go for a brewer with a heat-resistant rubber or wooden handle.
  • Stove-top or electric gooseneck kettle: Surely, the heat source plays a major role in the ease of you of any coffee-maker. You would have to choose between a traditional stove-top kettle and one that’s powered by electricity, depending on your brewing style of preference, electricity bills, and so on. You may want to know that an electric gooseneck kettle makes it somewhat easier to control the water temperature though. However, this decision is solely based on what works for you, and irrespective of your choice; you would have a kettle that works as advertised!

For home

The best gooseneck kettle in the home would be one with features that make the brewing process easy, quick, controllable, and safe. To do this, it must have the following features:

  1. Quality materials: You don’t want inferior-quality items in your home. You would be risking far more than the amount they would save.
  2. Ergonomic handles: Your kettle should have practical handles that won’t contact the heat from the rest of the kettle – it’s just safer this way.
  3. Tightly fitted lids: To prevent spills, especially when you fill the kettle with a lot of water, you want a kettle that is tightly closed with the lid.


Coffee is more than a simple beverage for true lovers – we understand its importance and the somewhat sacredness of the brewing process. Truly, it may seem overwhelming to choose the right gooseneck kettle for a newbie but with good knowledge of the relevant criteria, as you must have seen in this review, it actually gets quite easy. Now, this is that part of the review where you scroll back up to the table above to select a gooseneck kettle that works for you.

Gooseneck Kettle.


How to clean a gooseneck kettle?

A gooseneck kettle is like any other kettle but with the addition of increased brewing efficiency! As a result, you clean it like you would clean any kettle. Grab your detergent and get to washing immediately after brewing!

What coffee to use for a gooseneck kettle?

Any ground coffee would work in the pour-over brewing process. So whatever coffee you have would most likely work with your gooseneck kettle. Just make sure to follow the how-to guidelines in the review.

What is the best gooseneck kettle?

Generally, the best gooseneck kettle is one that balances efficiency and safety. Many models have been produced to get the green checkmarks, making it difficult to point at any particular one as the best. However, if you check the review again, you’ll see a table of our top 10 recommendations – take your pick from the list.

Where to buy a gooseneck kettle?

You can buy a gooseneck kettle anywhere! They’re some of the most common coffee makers out there and demand for them is high. So, you can easily get yours from any reputable store online or in-person – emphasis on reputable.

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