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Best Espresso Beans.

Nothing beats waking up to the inviting aroma of coffee. Whether your espresso is served hot with a snack to go or not, your day just started the right way once the first sip hits your tongue. Being particular about your coffee and the sort of espresso beans that puts that smile on your face all day is the next step to join the coffee club.

Becoming more involved in your coffee making goes beyond knowing the perfect espresso machines to use and the ideal way to make that coffee just the way you like it. Knowing your coffee beans and the ones that make decent coffee cups makes it easier to whoop up a cup of espresso anytime you need it. What’s the big deal about espresso beans you may ask? The big deal is there are a lot of coffee beans to choose from and you must choose the right one.

Why is it important to choose specific beans for espresso?

You might have asked yourself if being specific about the espresso beans you want for your espressos matters. Well, it does. Here’s a reason why - brewing and ideal espresso at home.

Do you just want to enjoy good cups of coffee on a daily with your loved ones? Then knowing how to choose specific espresso beans for your coffee is one of the best ways to brew your way into their hearts.

Features of quality

The best espresso beans must have quality features that make them perfect for brewing your espresso. Below are some of the features to look out for in espresso beans.

  • Taste - A coffee bean that corresponds with the high standards should taste good and must have a balanced level of bitterness and sweetness. The best espresso beans have a unique taste when made into cups of coffee. Espresso beans that are too light or dark produce coffees with grassy and burnt charcoal taste respectively and this is bad for business.
  • Color - Espresso beans that are too light or dark in color are bad for brewing your espresso. This is because the flavor oils of the espresso beans that are too light are undeveloped while that of the black ones have been burnt out of the beans.
  • Aroma - Most espresso beans that are too might end up giving off coffees without aroma. Good espresso beans must give off an aroma that makes one yearn for a sip.

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How does the roasting process affect the espresso beans?

Espresso beans can be darkened quickly by roasting with high temperature and can also achieve whatever color you wish for it to if roasted with a low temperature but for a longer time. Either way you can achieve the same result you want with the color but the difference is in the taste. Therefore, both methods can produce same colored espresso beans with different tastes.

Arabica or Robusta beans?

The Arabica is the most used espresso bean all over the world. This is due to the fact that the Arabica bean contains less caffeine than the Robusta bean. The Robusta bean is slightly bitter and is best when used in a blend. Blending the Robusta with Arabica bean gives your cup of coffee a classy hint of freshness.

It’s an espresso not a cappuccino

An espresso is a type of strong black coffee which is made by forcing steam through ground espresso beans. Brewing an espresso requires the use of light or mildly roasted espresso beans these espresso beans are not dark. Dark espresso beans are usually too bitter for coffee. Therefore, you must stay away from dark roasted beans if you must make a decent cup of coffee. However, blends are powerful; what's not to love about a little bit of spice anyway?

Ensure not to let the labels and tags mess with your choice of espresso beans. Tagging it an Italian espresso beans does not make it the best choice of beans for your espresso. You can either go ahead and check the reviews the company has gotten for their coffee beans or do a test run with other light-, medium and moderately-dark colored espresso beans.

How to choose the best for your coffee

You must have one mantra at the back of your mind. You cannot use just any beans if you are in the market for improving your coffee skills. Choosing quality espresso beans for your coffee is one of the best ways to ensure that your coffee comes out right. Although, choosing the best espresso beans depends on your personal taste if you are making espresso for a lot of people you can bring in two other persons to have a taste. You can also employ the help of the best espresso beans reviews as they will help you know which coffee beans to try out first. Whether you are going with the choice of a single origin or a blend, how good your espresso turns out depends on your personal taste. Here are what you need to look out for while choosing your espresso beans.

How dark is the espresso beans and how does it affect flavor intensity?

Coffee beans are usually green from the onset. They are later on put in drums where they are roasted. roasting changes the color of the beans from green to different shades of brown. How dark your espresso beans ah only tell how it has been roasted. An espresso bean with a light roast has a fruity hint and brews a coffee with mild yeast which is not bitter. That fruity hint gives the coffee a fresh aftertaste. The darker the coffee beans the more bitter and intense your coffee will be. Also, ensure not to go with espresso beans that are too light in color as they do not make the best espressos.

The roasting process

Arriving at having the perfect espresso beans after roasting is a skill you must acquire if you wish to roast your espresso beans yourself. roasting espresso beans is not an art to meddle with if you are not skilled.

Making the best choice of espresso beans starts with a detailed research of coffee beans, a list and your preference. The above tips will only guide you to make a good selection but that perfection will come from the number of times you tried to find out what that perfect cup of espresso tastes like. Therefore, keep brewing, stay away from too light and too dark espresso beans, experiment with blends and you will have the best espressos in no time. Remember, the best cups of coffee can be discovered by you.

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Where do coffee beans come from?

Coffee beans comes from a type of shrub called coffee plant. The coffee plant produces fruits known as coffee cherries. The Coffee cherries have seeds which are the beans we know today as coffee beans.

How long do coffee beans last?

How long coffee beans lasts depends on the type of coffee beans it is. Unroasted coffee beans which is green in color lasts for about 2 years or more. Roasted coffee beans last for about 6-8 months.

How much coffee beans per cup?

The standard dose for a shot of coffee is 7g per cup. This holds about 56 coffee beans (all other factors considered). Therefore, if you get 1kg of coffee beans that should give you about 120-140 cups of coffee.

Can you use any coffee beans for espresso?

No. Not all coffee beans are good for espresso. You can only use coffee beans that corresponds with the high standards of coffee and they must not be too light or dark in color.

How many coffee beans to grind for espresso?

Grind as much as you will need depending on how many people you are serving the espresso. Use 6g-8g of ground beans for each 1-1.5 fluid ounce of a single shot of coffee. Also, use about 15grams of ground beans for each 2-fluid ounce of a double shot of coffee.

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