Electric Tea Kettle

Electric Tea Kettles.

How many times have you gone to the supermarket to be faced with a billion types of Tea Makers ? But buying the best device is more than the name or the rank. The best device for you should meet your needs. And that’s why one tea kettle that’s great for someone might not be the best for you.

To help you make the best decision when buying an electric tea kettle, we have compiled a guide for you to follow with a list of buying tips too. So that by the end of this guide, you’ll know what to look out for when picking the best electric tea kettle for you.

Benefits of an Electric Tea Kettle

An electric kettle costs more than any other tea kettle, but it is still a perfect choice. Here are some reasons to back it up.

  • It is safe: An electric tea kettle is safer than a stovetop tea kettle. Electric kettles have an automatic shut-off that turns off the kettle when the water is boiled. This helps to save electricity bills and also prevent over-boiling. There are also electric tea kettles with temperature control. These extra features make the kettle easy and safer to use.
  • It is fast: Another benefit of an electric tea kettle is that it takes only a few minutes to boil water for your favorite beverage.
  • It is very portable and classy: This is the best tea kettle type to use in an office or carry while on a trip. Small electric tea kettles are portable, compact, classy, and very easy to use, clean, and assemble.

Metal Electric Tea Kettle.

What to Look for in an Electric Tea Kettle

The fact that electric kettles are amazing for home and office use doesn’t make them the best choice. Here are the things to consider before picking one from the shelf.

  • Speed: The main reason most people opt for electric kettles is the speed and the ease of use. But some are faster than others. The rapid boil tea kettle, for example, is extremely fast but expensive.
  • Look: You also need to pay attention to how your kettle looks on the outside - how compact or presentable it is. If you need it for your office, it will look different from when you need it for kitchen use only.
  • Size: How many people are you making tea for? How often do you drink tea in a day? If you are a regular tea drinker, then a big tea kettle is the best option for you.
  • Material: The material is also very important. It determines the durability, cost, external heat, and aesthetic of the electric tea kettles. It can be made from glass, plastic, or metal. Glass is more soothing to the eye but fragile and less durable. Plastic is a lower quality than metal and glass. It is also the cheapest and is okay for occasional tea drinkers. Metal made electric tea kettles are the most durable of all types.
  • Temperature options: Some tea types are better brewed at a very hot temperature, while some need warmer or less hot water. A electric tea kettle that has temperature will allow you to set the temperature of the boiling water for different purposes.
  • Other features: You could also pick your tea kettle based on some other features that come with tea kettles such as auto shut off, cordless or detachable cords, water gauge, and a keep-warm feature.
  • Cost: Finally, cross check with your pocket before completing the purchase. Buy an electric kettle that’s within your budget no matter how fancy, quality, or classy it is.

Ceramic Electric Tea Kettle.

Types of Electric Tea Kettles

Millions of brands make electric kettles because they are more common than other types of tea kettles. But instead of hitting you with the names and ranks - which isn’t the most important, we would explain to you the three (3) different types of electric tea kettles we have.

Ceramic electric tea kettles

The advantage of these teapots is their beauty. Also, a ceramic electric kettle retains heat well. Ceramics do not collect scale on their walls and do not change the properties of water.

Plastic electric tea kettles

This type of electric kettle is made with a plastic body. Therefore, it is lightweight and very easy to clean. It also doesn’t break easily but is highly prone to scratches. Also, it does not keep the water hot enough for as long as other types.

Metal electric tea kettles

This is considered the one with the best quality. It is made from stainless steel, retains heat for a longer time, and is highly durable. However, it is more susceptible to rusting.

Glass electric tea kettles

This is the most fragile and most classy-looking of all types. The body is made with see-through glass. It is not as heavy as a metal kettle, but it is heavier than a plastic one. It is also more prone to breakage if it falls.

Best for home

The best electric tea kettle comes down to the material, the speed, the size, and the other features. For a person that lives alone, a small-sized tea kettle is a better option. A faster tea kettle, though expensive, is best for those that need their water boiling in less than 5 minutes. Also, the material (glass, plastic or metal) is a variable.


Choosing one electric kettle in a store is like picking a drop of water from a pool. It is not only almost impossible, but it is also frustrating. But when you know the science and logic behind it, you will find it easy. We hope this guide can be the science and logic behind picking the best electric tea kettle. So close your eyes to the brand names, and buy one that truly meets your family’s needs or personal needs.

Metal Electric Kettle.


How does an electric kettle work?

Immediately the kettle is connected to electricity, it begins to work. It heats water by converting electrical energy into mechanical energy. It is made possible using a device that’s built into the kettle’s base.

How to clean an electric tea kettle?

An electric kettle should not be soaked in water because it can spoil the kettle. To clean it, pour water inside the kettle, add small soap and wash. But make sure that water does not touch the base of the kettle.

How to use an electric tea kettle?

To start using an electric kettle, first plug it in (if it has a cord), and then turn it on using the power button. But pour water into the kettle first. Unplug after use.

How to descale an electric tea kettle?

Mix equal amounts of vinegar and tap water then pour it inside the kettle. Turn it on and allow it to boil. Then unplug and turn off the kettle so that the mixture can cool. Drain it off and rinse multiple times.

Is an electric tea kettle better?

Depending on your needs, an electric kettle can be a better option. It is faster, easier to use, highly durable, and gentle on your electric bills. However, it is not the best choice for traditional gatherings and parties because of its modern look.

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