Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey Tea.

Earl grey tea is a flavored tea named after former British Prime Minister Charles Earl Grey. Check out our table for a list of our top earl grey tea brands that other tea lovers enjoy.

What Is Earl Grey Tea?

Earl grey tea is a blend of black tea leaves and bergamot oil. Sometimes, green tea or white tea leaves may be used to replace their black counterparts, but the presence of bergamot oil in any earl grey tea blend is non-negotiable.

Benefits Of Earl Grey Tea

Regular consumption of the best earl grey tea is bound to have significant impacts on your overall health. Some earl grey tea benefits are discussed in detail below.

  • Improves Gut Health: Black tea contains compounds called theaflavins that may prevent abdominal inflammation(ulcers) and cure indigestion. The citrus content in bergamot extract also helps relieve gut problems such as constipation.
  • Weight Loss: Studies have shown that polyphenols in black tea can speed up metabolism and inhibit fat digestion. Thus, drinking black tea enhances weight loss.
  • Relieves Anxiety: The natural fragrance of earl grey tea can have a calming effect on the drinker. A 2015 study showed that bergamot helps relieve anxiety and improve one’s mood.
  • Better Heart Health: Bergamot contains flavonoids that reduce the production of cholesterol in your body. In addition, consumption of black tea is associated with a lower blood pressure.

Earl Grey Creme Tea.

Origin of Earl Grey Tea

Although earl grey tea is more popular among the English, it was not their invention. The first earl grey blend was gifted to Charles Grey, (Prime Minister of the U.K; 1830-1834) by a Chinese tea master.

Bergamot extract was used to balance the lime flavored-water at Howick Hall, where Earl Grey lived. Lady Grey, his wife, loved this tea so much that she influenced tea merchants in England to recreate it.

Types Of Earl Grey Tea

There are nine major earl grey tea blends. They differ based on their ingredients and, possibly, flavor. You might just find your best earl grey tea among these.

  • Earl Grey Black Tea: This is the first and possibly, best earl grey tea ever made. Earl grey black tea is a mix of bergamot oil and black tea leaves.
  • Lavender Earl Grey Tea: As its name implies, this variety is a mix of black tea leaves, bergamot citrus, and dried lavender petals which gives off a calming aroma.
  • Earl Grey Green Tea: Here, the black tea leaves are replaced with green tea leaves, in order to give off a lighter color and more vegetal taste. It’s less caffeinated than other earl grey blends.
  • Earl White Tea: This blend typically replaces the black tea leaves with white tea but retains the bergamot extract.
  • Earl Grey Crème: This variety is made using the classic earl grey tea blend, lavender, and a shot of vanilla to give it a sweet tang that balances out the sour taste.
  • Rooibos Earl Grey: This is the African earl grey tea. This is a blend of South African rooibos leaves and bergamot extract. It’s a caffeine-free variation of earl grey tea.
  • Smoky Earl Grey: The smoky earl grey tea is a blend of bergamot extract, gunpowder tea and Chinese Lapsang Souchong leaves.
  • London Fog: This beverage is a blend of earl grey tea, vanilla syrup, and steamed milk. Many coffee shops offer this tea blend.

Earl Grey Green Tea.

What to Look for In Earl Grey Tea

In your quest to buy the best earl grey tea, there are certain factors you must consider. They are:

  • Origin: The best quality black teas are grown and processed in Sri Lanka and India. If you want the best quality, ensure that your earl grey black tea is produced in either of these places.
  • Bergamot Source: Bergamot orange is grown in Calabria, Italy. Opt for natural bergamot extract instead of the synthetic bergamot oil that most tea sellers use to cut costs.
  • Organic: It has been grown, processed, and packaged without chemicals whatsoever. To enjoy all the earl grey tea benefits, organic is the best way to go.
  • Flavor Preference: As you know, earl grey tea differs by variety and flavor. If you like a sharp citrus taste, then buy the earl grey black tea. But if you prefer a more vegetal taste, the earl grey green tea is your best bet.

Best Earl Grey Tea for You

The best earl grey tea for you depends on what tea flavor you prefer. If you have a sweet tooth, the earl grey cream tea is suitable for you as its vanilla content balances out the sharp citrus taste of bergamot extract.

If you love drinking your tea straight, then go for the traditional earl grey black tea. But if you want to skip the caffeine in black tea, the rooibos earl grey tea is the one you need.

The beauty of earl grey tea is that you can add your special ingredient to adjust the flavor or fragrance as you please. Try out any of our top earl grey brands to feel the delight Charles Grey felt many years ago when he first tasted this wonderful tea blend.


How much caffeine is in earl grey tea?

Earl grey tea typically has the same amount of caffeine as other black tea blends. A cup of earl grey tea may contain between 40 to 120 milligrams of caffeine.

Is earl grey tea good for you?

Earl grey tea has proven to be a natural health and immunity booster. Some earl grey tea benefits include improved gut and heart health, stress relief, and improved metabolic rate which accelerates weight loss.

What does earl grey tea taste like?

Your earl grey tea taste really depends on the variety you purchase. The classic earl grey black tea has a slight citrus taste, somewhere between lemon and grapefruit. However, if brewed too long, it may develop a bitter taste.

How to drink earl grey tea?

The instructions on your earl grey tea bags will ultimately determine how you drink your earl grey tea. However, for basic guidelines, boil some spring water to about 90 degrees Celsius. Pour the hot water into a cup of loose-leaf earl grey tea, and let it steep for three to five minutes and enjoy.

What to add in earl grey tea?

What you choose to add in your earl grey tea is your choice to make. You can add milk, sugar, or syrup. If you want to drink your earl grey the British style, add some milk and lemon.

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