Drip Coffee Maker

Drip Coffee Maker.

Now and then, you might hear jokes about how you know you are in a big city by the number of options available on the coffee menu in the coffee shops. These days, it’s even made easier with modern espresso machines that can produce an impressive variety of coffee drinks in only seconds. However, not a few people remain loyal to the old, regular drip coffee. While drip coffee makers may not offer as much variety as espresso machines, you do not have to settle for bad coffee nonetheless.

With a great drip coffee maker, you can enjoy delicious drip coffee every morning — just as you like it! With the sheer variety of drip coffee makers available on the market, you would think that they are somehow trying to make up for the lack of variety in the type of coffee they produce. Picking the best coffee maker among all of the choices could prove quite a chore. So, we have spent quite some effort testing quite a few models. In the table below, we list the models that we think are the best drip coffee makers in the market.

Why Should You Choose a Drip Coffee Maker?

Espresso machines can produce a far greater variety of coffee and in a shorter time than coffee makers. So, why should you choose a drip coffee maker? Well, if you opened this article, you’re probably already given to drip coffee and no longer need any convincing. But, if by chance, you are still undecided, in the following few points, we will be pointing out the advantages of drip coffee makers:

  • Drip Coffee Produce Very Vibrant Coffee: Unlike espresso machines that extract coffee with only a few seconds of pressure, drip coffee makers allow the coffee grounds to sit in near-boiling water for minutes. This allows the machines to extract the coffee grounds more efficiently, producing coffee with distinctively more vibrant flavors.
  • They Are Inexpensive and Simple to Use: Compared to espresso machines that may sometimes cost up to thousands of dollars, you can get drip coffee makers for less than $100. With drip coffee makers, being on a budget doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t have coffee. Not only are they cheap, but they’re also usually very simple to use. Most drip coffee makers only require you to press one button, and then they do everything else. There are even programmable models that can be set to produce coffee at a specific time. With any one of these models, you can set them to have steaming coffee ready for you whenever you wake up in the morning.
  • They Produce Coffee in Large Amounts: If you have a family that drinks coffee every morning, or frequently host friendship groups, or buy a coffee maker for your workplace kitchen, a drip coffee maker might be your best bet. Most drip coffee makers come with large jugs for the coffee. Drip coffee makers come equipped with heating pads to intermittently reheat whatever coffee is left in the jug, to keep it warm.

Drip Coffee Makers In The Kitchen.

What to Look for In a Drip Coffee Maker

All drip coffee makers work using the same basic mechanism. Regardless, there are some minor and, sometimes, significant differences between models. When looking to buy a drip coffee maker, it is not good enough to just grab the one off the supermarket shelf nearest to you. You have to find a model that is the most convenient for you. So, what are you supposed to look out for?

Added Accessories

Coffee makers do not work alone. You may have to use grinders, filters, and other paraphernalia, grinders being the most important. You probably already know that it is better to have freshly ground coffee since it retains flavors more. So, when looking for a drip coffee maker, you may want to buy a model that comes with an inbuilt grinder. It will make it much easier for you to prepare your coffee.


As mentioned above, specific drip coffee models can be pre-programmed to produce coffee at a pre-set time every morning. This helps make drinking coffee much more convenient. If you can afford it, narrow your choices down to only models with this feature.

Brew Volume

Another crucial factor to look out for when shopping for a drip coffee maker is the brew volume. They come with jugs into which the coffee drips. Surely, you want to get a brand with a jug large enough to hold cups of coffee for you and the folks you live with.

How to Use?

All drip coffee makers work the same way:

  1. Grind the Coffee: The first thing to do is grind your coffee beans—no need to do this if your coffee is already ground. However, we must remind you that coffee is best when freshly ground.
  2. Place A Coffee Filter In the Basket: There is usually a filter basket below the brew head. Locate it and place a paper filter in it.
  3. Add the Coffee Grounds: The next step is to place the coffee grounds on the filter. It’s recommended that you measure one tablespoon of coffee grounds per cup of coffee that you want. However, you can vary the measurement depending on how thick you want the coffee to be.
  4. Add Water: Measure water into the reservoir. The recommended measurement is 5 ounces of water per cup you want to make. The water must be cold and filtered.
  5. Switch It On: Most drip coffee makers have only one start button. Press it to start the brew cycle. And you can begin to enjoy your coffee in a few minutes.

Drip Coffee Maker For Home.

Best for Home

Several factors decide which drip coffee maker would be the best for you. And if you correctly apply the tips and factors that we have listed in the above sections, you should find a coffee maker that is perfect for you.


Just like any other product with so many brand names in the market, it might get challenging, picking one out of the numerous drip coffee makers available — we’ve all been there. By applying the criteria, we have outlined in this article, you can make it much easier to make the right decision.


How to clean a drip coffee maker?

To clean a drip coffee maker, fill the reservoir with a water and vinegar mix. Press the button and let it brew as usual. Then, repeat the process with only water a few times to rinse out the machine.

What coffee to use for a drip coffee maker?

For drip coffee makers, it is best to use medium ground coffee. Not too fine, and not too coarse. It should be much like the texture of sand.

What is the best drip coffee maker?

We can’t say which brand is the best drip coffee maker in the market. But, if you apply the criteria, we have listed correctly, you will find the right drip coffee maker for you.

Where to buy a drip coffee maker?

You can buy drip coffee makers almost anywhere. Whether at your neighborhood electronics store or any superstore nearby. You can also shop for drip coffee makers online.

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