Best DIY Syrups for Your Coffee

Homemade syrups for your coffee.

Having a good time with your coffee without including milk or any substance that makes it sweet or sweeter allows you to savor the good taste or smell of the bean; however, sometimes, flavored coffee is usually extremely pleasing and lovable.

The challenge some people have in buying coffees with sweeteners might be due to the price at their local café. Others are not sure about what has been added to their coffee; hence they stick to their regular coffee. The best choice for these kinds of people is to make their coffee syrups by themselves. Doing this doesn't cost a lot of money, and you're able to know what's in your coffee.

Simple Syrup

To make most of the coffee syrups, you first have to start making it from the simple syrup process. It is the most accessible type of syrup to make. You need to add the same quantity of sugar and water together, then heat it until the sugar starts mixing with the liquid and becomes a part of it. A simple syrup doesn’t add a particular taste to your coffee, but it's handy in coffee recipes where you’re trying to mix the sugar with the liquid.

Vanilla Syrup

Many people enjoy the vanilla flavor. To achieve this nice flavor, all that is needed is to add a vanilla pod to your simple syrup while heating it. Adding vanilla extract to your syrup when it is somewhat cold can be done where your food supplies are not many. Some people, however, opt for the two processes to bring out a very strong vanilla flavor.

Vanilla maple syrup for your coffee.

Vanilla Maple Syrup

The method of making a vanilla maple syrup doesn't require you to use the simple syrup as its foundation. This is because maple syrup has a rich natural taste that is pleasing. The maple syrup is more costly than other syrups made from sugar, but the two tastes cannot be compared together.

The process of making the vanilla maple syrup is first to heat the grated vanilla bean in the maple syrup, and this is done to allow the vanilla bean to flavor the liquid. Better still, the vanilla maple syrup can be made by adding vanilla pods to maple syrup in a container and then leaving it for about two weeks to allow the two flavors to infuse.

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