What is the Difference Between Cold Brew and Hot Brew Coffee?

Cold Brew and Hot Brew Coffee.

Hot brew coffee is a classic way to enjoy your coffee in the morning. When it comes to afternoon coffee runs or hot summer days, cold brew coffee hits the spot just right. But what’s the difference between cold brew and hot brew coffee? Just like the names suggest, hot brew coffee is brewed with hot water and is served hot. Meanwhile, cold brew coffee is brewed with cold water and served cold or over ice.

Hot brew coffee can be made in a variety of ways but each one involves using hot water to extract the flavor. In contrast, cold brew coffee is brewed by steeping coarsely ground coffee in cold water for an extended time - as long as 24 hours!

Can You Use Regular Ground Coffee for Cold Brew?

The same type of coffee is used to make a hot brew and cold brew so you can use whatever beans you like. When it comes to the grind size, we recommend brewing with a coarsely ground coffee.

The grind size for cold brew should be larger and coarser than it is for your regular hot brew. Using a fine grind for cold brew will result in an unpleasant texture and flavor in your brew.

Cold Brew Coffee In A Glass.

Is Cold Brew Stronger Than Regular Coffee


Cold brew coffee is often made stronger than regular coffee. This is because cold brew coffee is made as a concentrated beverage before it is diluted with water.

In contrast, hot brew coffee is brewed at full strength. This means that depending on how much the cold brew concentrate is diluted, the strength of the cold brew will vary.

Most cafes make cold brew stronger than regular coffee so that it can be served over ice without losing its flavor and texture. If you are sensitive to caffeine, opt for a decaf cold brew or decaf hot brew coffee.

Is Cold Brew Healthier Than Regular?

Cold brew coffee and hot brew coffee are just about the same when it comes to health. Coffee has very few calories and so rarely affects your diet beyond caffeine consumption. If you are concerned about your caffeine intake, cold brew and hot brew coffee can be made with decaf coffee.

What makes coffee more or less healthy is what you put in it. If you drink your hot brew coffee with cream and sugar but drink your cold brew coffee black, then your cold brew option will be healthier than your hot brew option.

Difference Between Cold Brew And Hot Brew Coffee.

Which Is Better: Cold Brew Or Hot Brew?

They are both great! We love cold brew and hot brew coffee. Some occasions call for one more than the other but we’ll never say no to coffee in any form. If it is a hot, sunny day, we recommend a tall glass of delicious cold brew coffee. When it comes to early mornings and chilly evenings, we’d rather cozy up with a warm mug of hot brew coffee.

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