Dark Roast Coffee

Dark roast coffee beans.

If you care about your coffee's flavor, you should probably consider getting dark roast coffee. A dark roast provides a bold and power-packed cup of joe that can tickle your tastebuds at any time of the day. It's also more affordable than any other type of roast and can be served in numerous ways.

The truth is, there are way more advantages to consuming dark roast coffee beans than what's just been mentioned. To help uncover them, today in this article, we're going to highly everything you need to know about the best dark roast coffee, types, and what to look for when buying.

Benefits of Dark Roast Coffee

If you're planning on drinking dark roast coffee, there are a lot of health benefits you could be reaping, such as:

  • May help with weight loss: If you consume organic dark roast coffee regularly, it may help your weight loss. The reason for this is that the beans contain many ions called N-methyl pyridinium. These ions are one of the primary triggers because they help your body break down fats more quickly.
  • Lower your cancer risk: Dark roast coffee gets its color due to the rich amount of antioxidants it has. The antioxidants in the coffee work together to fight free radicals that cause damage to your cells. Free radicals are often linked to cancer, and dark roast coffee is known to help reduce the amount produced, reducing the risks of many types of cancers, including colorectal cancer.
  • It can support brain health: Dark roast coffee contains a substantial amount of caffeine, which in return can provide your brain with a lot of benefits. Consuming caffeine regularly is believed to reduce the risk of Alzheimer's, dementia, and cognitive impairment. It can also help better your memory and lower your risk of fatigue.
  • Lower insulin resistance: It's also believed that drinking dark coffee can reduce your insulin resistance, lowering the risk of getting type 2 diabetes. Research indicates if you consume 3-4 cups of coffee every day, your risk could be significantly reduced. On the contrary, if you don't drink coffee at all a day, your risk could increase up to 17%.

French dark roast coffee.

How Is Dark Roast Coffee Made?

If you look at a coffee dark roast, you'll probably notice that they have a dark brown near to black color. The reason for this is, is because oil is drawn out of the beans and floats to the surface. Plus, the flavor is often smoky, robust, and tends to be more of a full-body texture. They also tend to be less acidic than other types of roasts. For a coffee to be classed as dark, the beans must be roasted to a temperature that exceeds 440ºC or higher or on the second crack; it should end. However, if the beans are roasted for 465ºC or higher, the coffee will produce a charcoal flavor.

Types of dark coffee

If you're looking to buy dark roast coffee, there are a few possible types to choose from, such as:

  • European: Strong plum and deep chocolate-like flavors.
  • Espresso: These are roasted longer and at a temperature of 464ºC to lower the acidity and increase the flavor in the body.
  • French: Beans roast after the second crack and have a shiny surface.
  • Italian: One of the darkest roasts and often has oily beans.
  • Colombian: These contain none of the characteristics that a typical green coffee bean has.
  • New Orleans: Made from only arabica coffee beans and roasted for long to get the dark flavor.
  • Neapolitan: This is a type of Italian dark roast coffee that tends to be less sweet than other ones on the market.

In addition to this, there are also different drink formats you can get them in, such as dark roast instant coffee, dark roast decaf coffee, dark roast coffee pods, and more.

Colombian dark roast coffee.

What To Look for In a Dark Roast Coffee

When looking to purchase a dark roast coffee, there are a few things you should consider, such as:


When you're out buying dark roast coffee, a good indicator is flavor. Often the type of flavor will be stated on the packaging or in the reviews. If it isn't, you can always ask the seller about the beans or try them yourself. The flavor should be a rich smokey flavor with a little spice. The taste might be a bit similar to dark chocolate. It should also be more well-balanced than other roasts and low in acidity.


When roasted, the surface of a dark roast coffee should have oils on it. If it looks quite oily, that means the roast has developed well. Another clue is that the dark roast will have a potent aroma that lingers. But, be careful for it looking too oily; if it's very oily, it could be a sign it's over-roasted.

European dark toast coffee.

Best Dark Roast Coffee for You

Dark roast coffee comes in many different variations from European, French, Italian, Spanish, New Orleans, Neapolitan, and more. You can also get it in certain types of ground, instant coffee, pods, and more. Whatever dark coffee you choose, always pick it based on the flavor and texture. These coffees will have a smokier taste and be richer in flavor. Moreover, the color of the coffee will be a dark brown closer to black. Finally, you can detect dark roast coffee by its appearance; it'll tend to be a lot more oiler.


Is dark roast coffee stronger?

Dark roast coffee often has a similar caffeine content to what a light roast does. Most of the time, it stays the same in the roasting process. The best way to check is to read the caffeine content on the packaging to compare.

Does dark roast coffee have more caffeine?

Not all the time will dark roast coffee contain more caffeine. It's mainly a medium roast that has the strongest caffeine content.

What is dark roast coffee?

These are dark brown coffees that have a very oily surface. Often the beans have been removed from the roasting process after the second crack.

How much caffeine is in dark roast coffee?

The amount of caffeine in a dark roast is equal to what you'd find in a light roast coffee. On average, a cup of dark coffee will have around 51mg of caffeine.

Is dark roast coffee less acidic?

Dark roast coffee is often less acidic than light and medium roasts. The reason for this is that the beans are roasted for longer.

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