Dandelion Tea for Weight Loss

Benefits Of Dandelion Tea For Weight Loss.

Weight loss has become a rampant trend, and dandelion tea has proven to be a perfect remedy. The herbal plant has vitamins and antioxidants essential in yielding remarkable weight loss results. Today, we will be looking at how dandelion tea is imperative in combating excess weight gain.

How To Incorporate Dandelion in Tea

People use different plant parts to make tea, such as leaves, flowers, and roots. Roots are the most common part, but flowers tend to be sweeter. It is also available in the form of tea bags which you can purchase in local shops. Below is a recipe that will guide you when making dandelion tea using the roots:

Harvest dandelion roots

You can use a spade or fork to remove the bigger part of the root as the plant has taproots that are deeply embedded in the ground. Rinse them with clean and cool water and chop them into smaller pieces.

Roast the roots

Place the dandelion roots on a baking pan and leave them to roast for approximately two to three hours. This depends on the thickness of the roots. It’s recommended that you use medium-high heat and cast-iron pans as they are ideal for smoky and rich flavors.

Heat water

You can use a grinder to crush the roots into powder. Conversely, you can utilize the small roasted pieces. Add the root to boiling water and leave it to simmer for approximately 20 minutes.

Sieve and serve

A fine mesh strainer can ensure that you strain the pieces from the concoction. You can also add a sweetener or milk to spike the taste.

Dandelion Roots And Flowers For Tea For Weight Loss

Benefits Of Dandelion Tea in Weight Loss

As stated earlier, dandelion tea has a myriad of nutrients and antioxidants that are essential for attenuating excess weight. There are many ways that dandelion tea can aid in weight loss, as articulated below:

  • The herbal plant has a high level of potassium content which elevates its diuretic attributes. This enhances massive water removal in the body and higher daily urine output. Daily intake of two or three cups of dandelion tea can record substantial weight loss per week.
  • Its low-calorie profile is another prominent feature in weight loss. This makes it an ideal option for people looking forward to a low-calorie diet option.
  • Some medical experts have compared dandelion tea to some renowned anti-obesity drugs. They state that the herbal plant imposes similar effects on weight loss as weight loss drugs, yet it is a botanical option. It helps attenuate belly fat which is the most lethal fat accumulation area.
  • Dandelion tea has also been associated with enhancing endurance. It is an essential segment in weight loss as it promotes withstanding longer durations of exercise activities, which is essential in burning a good number of calories.


Does dandelion tea reduce belly fat?

Dandelion tea has been compared to anti-obesity drugs that are designated to eradicate belly fat. Daily intake of two to three cups of dandelion tea can promote a flat belly.

Can I drink dandelion tea before bed?

Taking dandelion tea before bedtime can cause frequent urination at night. However, it also has beneficial attributes as it promotes liver cleansing, which aids in balancing blood sugar as well.

Can I drink dandelion tea every day?

Yes, it is quite healthy. In fact, taking dandelion tea will help you reap the utmost weight loss results as well as boost overall body health.

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