Can I Drink Coffee While Fasting?

Coffee is a universal drink you can find all over the world. In fact, it’s so popular that over 400 billion cups are consumed yearly. Part of the reason it’s well liked is due to its taste, caffeine booster, and amazing health benefits it has.

Especially if you’re drinking coffee black, without any sugar or added ingredients. Due to the low calories, it can hold, it can be easily integrated into any diet in the morning. But one common question, many people want to know, is can you drink coffee and fast? To find out, today we’re going to cover this.

Does Coffee Disrupt a Fast?

While there’s a lot of different types of fast that exist in the world, we’re going to be strictly looking at intermittent fasting. If you’re not familiar with this type of fasting, it’s where you fast for 16 hours and eat within an 8-hour window.

Lucky for you, though, one cup of around 240ml black coffee will not break a fast. Even though it contains a very small amount of calories, roughly 3 per cup, it’s full of protein, fat, and minerals. Due to the small number of minerals one standard cup holds, it’s not enough to break your fast. In fact, you might also find when drinking it on a fast; it might even suppress your appetite. Therefore, making it easier to follow and you might be able to fast longer!


Overall, you can drink coffee when undergoing most fasts; just make sure the coffee is black. If you have any additional items in your drink like sugar, milk, sweeteners, or anything else, it can total up the calories! Alongside that, it can also add up other essential nutrients like proteins and minerals, making them stimulate your metabolism. If you drink coffee on a fast you might also discover it does wonder to make you stick to it longer.


Does coffee break intermittent fasting?

There are lots of different types of intermittent fasting such as 16/8, alternative day, one meal a day, or 500 calories two days a week. Regardless of the type of intermittent fast you choose, it’s highly unlikely that 240ml cup of black coffee will break that. Such cups contain low amounts of calories, proteins, and minerals to break a fast.

How many cups of coffee can you have while fasting?

Generally, there’s no specific rule to the number of cups of coffee you can have while fasting, as long as the coffee is black, that is. Irrespective of your fasting, though, you should still be careful about your coffee consumption as it could lead to health problems.

Can I drink black coffee while fasting?

Of course, you can drink black coffee in moderate amounts when fasting, as long as it’s just black coffee. This coffee contains very few calories, and it’s highly unlike your fast will be broken.

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