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Best Coffee Percolator.

People don't betray their coffee style - once they start down a particular path, there's no going back! Coffee taste largely depends on how it's brewed, what machine is used, compositions, and so on. With that said, we can easily agree that coffee options are limitless and the trusted way to know which would work best for you is really by trying your options. That is where this review comes in: we've done the research and tried all options so you won't need to - you're welcome! Coffee percolators, in particular, are interesting coffee makers and they're our target today! If you're here instead to find the best coffee percolator for you, check out the table below and take your pick.

Why should you choose a coffee percolator?

All the talk about how this review discusses percolators may have you questioning why you even need one. Let's answer that now!

  1. Versatility: You have the option of buying a percolator that self-heats or one that doesn't, depending on where you plan to use it. If you go on inter-day trips, electric self-heating camping coffee percolators come into play!
  2. Brew strength: Percolators are known to brew strong coffee. This is mainly because, if you allow it, the beans go through multiple rounds of the brewing process.
  3. Brew size: The average size of a percolator means it can hold a good amount of coffee at one go! If you have a coffee-drinking family, everyone can now have a cup.
  4. Affordability: The simple design of the brewing process of a percolator means it is allowed to be cheap - and it is!

What to look for in a percolator?

Do not randomly guess a coffee percolator to buy! You want one that suits your style and the only way to know the one that does is by checking its features. See the major features below:

Electric or Stove-top

Electric coffee percolators are self-heating while their stove-top cousins are not. So whether you choose to go electric because of the ease of use anywhere, or you opt for the traditional stove-top coffee percolator that's friendly to electricity bills, you're covered!

Brew capacity

Depending on the number of mouths that's about to get coffee, you want to buy a percolator that works accordingly! Why? Well, for instance, getting one that's not up to size would have you brewing multiple times for each family member to have a good cup of Joe!


You should ensure that your percolator of choice has a good balance of efficiency and affordability, and for obvious reasons: why pay more when you could pay less for similar quality, eh?


In addition to the general coffee-making task, the best coffee percolators would also attempt to be easy and safe to use. To confirm this, check for peripheral features such as heat resistance, type of material used, keep-warm features, and so on.

Best coffee percolators for home

Coffee Percolator For Home.

Before awarding a space to a coffee percolator in your home, you best make sure it would work to satisfaction. That is:

  1. Get one that would brew enough coffee to go round. Every member of the family should be able to enjoy the benefits of regular coffee intake. To do this with ease, a percolator with sufficient capacity should come into play.
  2. Get one that brews quickly enough to not keep you late for work. A percolator in your home should be convenient enough to have your coffee ready in next to no time! And although percolators are time-efficient by default, you still want to pay attention to this.
  3. Get one that's friendly to the wallet. Your percolator of choice shouldn't set you back hugely - they're designed to be affordable anyway! Remember to consider your electricity bills if you're going with the electric percolator option.
  4. Get one that's safe to use. From heat resistance to auto shut-off, you want a percolator that somewhat protects you and your family from accidents. Safety first!

How to use a percolator

It's super easy to make coffee using a percolator as long as you have the required components: coffee beans, grinder, water, measuring cup/spoon, and your percolator. Once gathered, it's time to get to making coffee!

  1. Measure and grind the coffee beans: Grind the beans close to the time of brew to maintain flavor. You could choose to brew already-ground beans instead and skip this step.
  2. Load up percolator: Add water to the percolator coffee pot, then add the ground coffee beans, and press!
  3. Begin heating and wait for percolation: If you're using an electric percolator, power it on - it'll get to work and automatically stop when the brew is complete. If you have the traditional stove-top option, heat it on the stove gently and keep an eye to prevent bitterness due to over-extraction.
  4. Dispose of the grounds: The grounds have no use anymore and should be disposed of. It's best to do this before pouring your coffee so they don't somehow find their way into your coffee mug.
  5. Enjoy your coffee: Pour the coffee into the mug, add sugar or milk if you want, and enjoy!


It's not the smartest idea to randomly pick a coffee percolator to buy in your home. Although deciding on which one to get may seem quite tasking if you're a newbie, it actually could be extremely easy when you factor in the criteria discussed in this review. Rest assured that the time and attention to detail that goes into making your decision are worth it because the right percolator if used correctly, will serve you and your family satisfactorily for however long you need. So remember to check out the table of the 10 best percolators above to choose the right one for you!


How to clean a coffee percolator?

A coffee percolator is easy to clean and even almost cleans itself with little help from you. Fill the percolator coffee pot with water, add baking soda, and turn it on to last a complete cycle. Wait for the water to cool and then scrub the inner and outer walls with a brush. Replace the water with fresh water and add vinegar. Let it run a while again and dispose of the water. Now do a final rinse to remove any vinegar traces that remain.

What coffee to use for coffee percolators?

Percolators do not require some specially-made coffee to brew; any ground coffee would work fine. However, you want to be careful with the grinding bit of things. Your coffee should remain coarse after grinding so the percolator can extract stronger flavors.

What is the best coffee percolator?

It's important to iterate that respective percolators are unique and come with features that appeal to some more than others. With that said, there's no single 'best coffee percolator' and we're all tasked with finding the one that works wonders for us. Check out the table in the review though; it's a shortlist of the top percolators discovered in the wild!

Where to buy a coffee percolator?

Percolators are somewhat making a comeback to the forefront of coffee makers. So they're available to buy online and offline from trusted stores. If you're looking to buy a coffee percolator, be assured that there's no shortage of stores that have them available!

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