Coffee Machines

Coffee Machines.

We know how much fun it is to walk down the street for a quick espresso, but we also know there are times when you just wish you were your own barista. We have crafted this excellent guide that would assist in choosing the perfect home coffee machines suited for you.

Benefits of Coffee Machines

  • Convenience: There is a huge difference between taking the trip from your bed to the kitchen for the espresso machine, and taking a walk from your house to the coffee shop. The convenience of fixing yourself a quick cup of coffee is unrivaled when you have a barista machine right in your home.
  • To serve guests: Home coffee machines are life-savers when it comes to entertaining guests. Whenever you have family and friends over, coffee could easily become your go-to. There are professional coffee machines for home that can cater for more than twelve cups at once, providing all your coffee-loving guests good coffee.
  • Saves cost: Have you ever tried comparing the price you pay at a coffee shop with the cost of preparing homemade coffee? You would find that there is a huge difference between these two. With a barista-style coffee machine on your kitchen cabinet, you end up saving a significant amount of money.
  • Health benefits: You must be familiar with that sudden rise in energy level that you feel whenever you take a cup of coffee, but that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of taking coffee. Studies have shown that coffee is good for the heart, and helps to prevent liver cancer, Parkinson’s disease, type 2 diabetes, retinal damage, and Alzheimer’s. With all these health benefits of coffee, it is intuitive to provide yourself the opportunity of pouring yourself a cup from the comfort of your home.

What to look for in Coffee Machines?

So, you are preparing to get yourself a coffee machine, and you want to know the factors to consider before hitting the market. Here are a few points to help you in making your choice:

  • Programmability: We all have different preferences in the way we start our mornings. While some of us prefer to get a cup immediately after we set our feet down from the bed, others prefer to spend some more time fixing the perfect coffee blend. You need to consider how convenient you want your brewing process to be. This would inform your choice, as to whether you would prefer an automatic coffee machine or a manual coffee machine.
  • Price: You need to consider your budget in relation to your expectations from the barista machine. It might be wise for you to spend a few more bucks in getting yourself a durable coffee machine than going for a cheap one.
  • Coffee style: When it comes to fixing a coffee cup, there are different preferences. To cater for this variety of preferences, there are different types of home coffee machines. From an espresso machine to a cappuccino machine, or a frothy coffee maker, the way that you prefer to have your coffee served should inform the kind of machine type that you go for.
  • Coffee quantity: How much coffee do you intend to brew at once? If you live alone and intend to just prepare a cup for yourself from time to time, you can go for a mini coffee machine with a single cup. However, if you are a coffee-loving family with lots of members, larger coffee machines might be ideal.
  • Features: Check for features such as the bar pressure; which is optimally 15-19 bar, the thermoblock; which should not heat the water above 93°C, the portafilter; which should always be warm; the wattage, and the valve. You should also check if the machine can connect to your smart devices.

Automatic Coffee Machine.

How to Use Coffee Machines?

This is dependent on the type of coffee brewer that you purchase. There are three types of coffee machines when it comes to the method of usage. We have the bean-to-cup, the espresso, and the pod models. Let us look into how to use each of them.

  • How to use the bean-to-cup model: It is a coffee machine with a grinder. So, all you need to do is put in your coffee beans, and watch the machine do the grinding and extraction to give you your coffee in a matter of minutes. And if you are used to operating a coffee machine with a milk frother, this model mostly comes with an automatic milk frother. With the bean-to-cup model, you can also take charge of your coffee recipe, and program factors such as coffee strength, drink size, and extraction time.
  • How to use the espresso model: This one is a ground coffee machine. So, you would need to put in pre-ground coffee. It may take a little longer than other machines, but using it provides quite the experience. You can also make use of the many accessories that come with the espresso machine. And as an added advantage, you can make latte art with the steam wand that comes with the machine.
  • How to use the pod model: These home coffee machines are the best for a quick fix. Ground beans are sealed inside pods, the pod is placed in a specific slot, and then the machine pierces the pod, pushing water through the ground coffee. They are absolutely easy to use and are appropriate if you fancy a quick espresso without having to bother much about controls.

Best Coffee Machines for Home

There is a wide variety of coffee machines, and this would assist you in making the best choice based on your preferences:

· Filter machines: If you want to make large quantity of American-style coffee using a machine that is cheap to run, go for the best filter coffee machine.

· Pump machines: If you fancy silky handmade coffee, and are quite traditional in your approach to making coffee, then the pump machine is your best bet.

· Pod machines: If you wish to follow a high-tech procedure for making a variety of hot drinks first thing in the morning, then go for the pod machine.

· Bean-to-cup machines: If you are highly knowledgeable about coffee, and would fancy a barista style coffee machine then the bean-to-cup coffee machines are for you.


Choosing the best coffee machines for home might seem like a daunting task at first, but once you understand each of the options available, you are already many steps ahead. And we hope that this article has helped you with those steps. So, take that leap and give yourself the extra comfort you deserve in fixing a cup of coffee.

The Coffee Machine Is Working.


How to use a coffee machine?

This is dependent on the type of coffee brewer that you have. For the bean-to-cup model, you put in your coffee beans and it does the grinding and extraction. While for the pod and espresso types, you put in ground coffee instead.

How to clean a coffee machine?

Start by filling up your coffee machine with water and some vinegar, then turn the brewer on after positioning a filter in the basket. Turn the coffee brewer off, and allow the solution to soak for about thirty minutes, then flush with water.

What coffee to use for a coffee machine?

There are a few factors that would determine what coffee you should use for the coffee machine. Apart from the type of coffee brewer you have, also consider your personal preference for coffee before making a choice.

How long does it take to prepare coffee in the coffee machine?

The time that it takes to prepare coffee with a coffee machine could take anywhere from 1 minute with a pod machine to 15 minutes with a bean-to-cup machine when preparing a whole carafe. But ideally, anywhere between 3-5 minutes should do.

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