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Best Coffee For Cold Brew.

Most of us love a great hot cup of coffee as we wake up or a tall glass of iced coffee to take to work. We have our preferences when making our favorite coffees and there are several methods of brewing as well. Cold-brew is one of the most popular types of coffee making techniques these days. Its health benefits and unique taste makes it popular among many coffee drinkers.

However, even though the name suggests that it is a “cold brew” and is great for making iced coffee, one can very well drink it hot. As far as the process of making it is concerned, it is brewed by soaking the coffee beans in room temperature water for almost 20 hours. This cold brew process can be done using simple mason jars or jugs at home; however, fancy cold brew coffee makers are also available in the market. The infusion process involved in making a cold brew leaches all the flavor from the coffee beans producing a complex flavor profile of the coffee.

Importance Of Using the Right Kind of Beans for Cold Brew

Choosing the right coffee according to the method of brewing is essential to get the desired taste. No matter how simple the idea of a cold-brewed cup of coffee sounds, it is still a complex process. With so many brands being available, one might get intimidated and might be interested in knowing which kind of coffee is the best for the cold brewing technique. Some may even get convinced that the type of coffee bean does not matter as such.

Like every spice has a distinct flavor, every kind of coffee bean has its unique aroma, taste, and other qualities. It means not every kind of coffee bean is suitable for a cold brew and we must look into the peculiarities of which one to choose.

For example, for dark and rich flavors, one may use dark roast coffee, whereas, for a mild taste, you may use a light roast. The kind of grind also matters when it comes to extracting flavor from the coffee. Any ground that is too dense wouldn’t let the water run through it much, thus resulting in a less flavourful coffee.

Cold Brew Coffee In Glass.

While choosing the best coffee beans for cold brew, it is very important to know that cold brew highlights deep flavors, so we need to use good quality beans with a strong flavor. The two most common kinds of coffee beans used by most famous coffee shops and cafes worldwide for cold brewing are Arabica and Robusta.

Arabica coffee is known for its superior and bold flavor, which makes it perfect for a cold brew. These beans contain different notes of certain flavors like chocolates and berries, which are very popular among coffee drinkers. Arabica is low on caffeine, less bitter than other coffee beans and helps to provide that strong flavor with a moderate boost of caffeine.

Arabica coffee beans are also known to have certain health benefits as they are low on calories, rich in antioxidants, and have anti-ageing properties as well. These are also low in calories compared to other kinds of coffees and have a great aroma and caramelized taste which helps the coffee drinkers to enjoy their cold brew.

A coarse grind of Arabica Coffee is the most popular choice for people who cold brew their coffee. High-quality Arabica beans are grown in Costa Rica, Brazil, and Ethiopia.

Robusta coffee beans are also one of the best coffees for cold brew. They have a high caffeine content and are great for those who want their cold brew to provide that kick of caffeine. The caffeine content is almost twice as much as that in Arabica. These coffee beans also have a strong flavor well suited for a cold brew.

Where Arabica coffee beans have a sweet caramelized touch to their flavor, Robusta is on the bitter side with an earthy tone. Most high-quality Robusta beans are produced in Vietnam.

How To Choose the Best Coffee Beans for Cold Brewing?

To choose the best coffee for cold brew, you have to first carefully select the kind of roast and the grind. Furthermore, it is also essential to know that whole bean coffee and ground coffee give a different touch of flavor, aroma, and freshness in the coffee.

The way your coffee beans are grounded has a significant impact on your coffee flavor. A coffee grinder may grind it to a fine grind that has a texture like powdered sugar, whereas some grind the beans to coarse coffee particles like sea salt crystals.

For cold brews, the water must move through the coffee grounds to provide a powerful flavor to the coffee. If the grounds are too dense, it may even result in a very overpowering taste. Talking about ground coffee begs the question of whether we should buy ground coffee available in-store or use whole beans. It is an undebatable fact that freshly ground beans produce a unique aroma and flavor.

Coffee beans may have a light, medium, or dark roast. The light or medium roast coffees often have a chocolaty or nutty flavor. The cold brewing technique can bring these flavors to dark roast coffee as well. However, medium roasts are considered the best to use for a cold brew as they bring a very sophisticated flavor to coffee.

While making your choice of roast, do consider your sweetener choices. For example, if you take a sweetener or any coffee creamer in your drink, dark roasts are recommended, whereas a medium roast is recommended for those who do not take sweeteners.

Cold Brew Coffee With Ice.


So, if you are new to the cold brewing technique, select your coffee beans carefully to enjoy the delightful flavor of your cold brew coffee. If you don’t like the taste of a certain kind of coffee cold brewed, experiment a little with the choice of beans. Also try changing the kind of coffee grind and the roast you are using, as these factors have a significant impact on the taste.


What kind of coffee should be used for cold brew?

It is recommended to use Arabica or Robusta coffee beans for cold brew. The cold brewing technique helps extract intense flavors from these and helps you make a strong caffeine beverage.

What roast should be used for cold brewing coffee?

Dark and medium roasts should be used while cold brewing coffee as the technique helps extract fruity and nutty flavors. Medium roast is considered the best as it brings forward a complex flavor profile in the coffee when cold brewed.

What grind should be used for cold brewing coffee?

A coarse grind is the best kind of grind that should be used while cold brewing coffee. This helps water move through it and extract all the coffee flavor resulting in a balanced taste of the coffee.

Can I use regular ground coffee for cold brew?

Yes, you can use regular ground coffee for a cold brew; however, it won’t give you the perfect cold brew taste that a coarse grind coffee bean would. Freshly ground coffee beans will provide your coffee with a fresh taste and a unique aroma.

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