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Best Coffee For Aeropress.

Consumption of Aeropress espresso is on the rise, but so many things contribute to the beverage's flavor. One crucial part of a sweet enriching espresso is the type of coffee beans used in making the beverage. There are only two main varieties of coffee beans, Arabica and Robusta, but the roasting method can produce lots of variants of colors and alter the acidity, taste, and color.

Only a clever selection of the Aeropress coffee grind can ensure that you have the best tasting coffee for your needs. You have to choose the coffee bean that maximizes the traditional color of the espresso and ensures they have the high caffeine that is reduced by the roasting of the coffee bean to a dark color. Here are tips for getting the best coffee beans for Aeropress.

Why is it important to choose specific beans for Aeropress

Coffee preparation is dependent on the kind of coffee beans you pick that ant minor differences can alter the tastes of your beverage. The main reason you should keep an eye on the coffee beans is so that you can get to influence the final drink in your cup.

Get fresh beans

Coffee beans are full of nutrients and tasty when fresh. When coffee beans are ground and exposed to nature, they slowly start degassing. Degassing removes the gases that were formed during roasting that makes the coffee taste astringent. It might be delightful to reduce the acid; however, it also leads to loss of aromas and flavors in the coffee. Having coffee beans that are no longer fresh can give you a stale-tasting cup of espresso. But grinding increases degassing. If you grind coffee and leave it open to the air, more flavors, espresso flavor, and aroma will be lost. When coffee loses all of the gases, it can create a flat brew and taste stale.

Coffee In Aeropress.

Determine the amount of caffeine

Let's face it, the main reason people take coffee is to get their fix of caffeine and enjoy the smooth, rich taste of the coffee. But not all beans have the same level of caffeine. While some people believe dark roasted coffee has high amounts of caffeine, light to medium roasted coffee has the highest amount of caffeine. Coffee beans suitable for espresso are a medium roast if you desire to capitalize on the caffeine intake.

Control the tastes and oils

Espresso has been traditionally roasted with dark beans with a distinct bitterness espresso flavor that cannot be possible with regular beans. You have to be particularly picky when you want to mix your coffee with milk, such as with a latte or cappuccino. It would help if you had a darker roast to cut through the milk cream. When the coffee is exposed, it contributes to the damp areas its losses its oils that contribute to its flavor. You have to ensure that you get oily beans that keep all the aroma intact and the oils locked intact.

Stay Within your budget

Coffee beans carry different price tags. Single-origin coffee beans are expensive though they may not be necessarily high quality. You have to choose a blend of coffee beans that maximizes your tastes or that of the clients of your restaurant but at an affordable cost. The cheapest blends of Aeropress beans come from countries such as Brazil and Indonesia.

Making Coffee Though Aeropress.

Main features

An Aeropress is a compact coffee maker that brews coffee by immersion. It is more improved to the french press as it immerses the coffee grounds in the liquid for a few minutes. It achieves this outstanding result by having a fine Aeropress coffee grind rather than the typical large grinds used in french presses. The brew is let out Aeropress by manually pushing the plunger while grounds are left in the filter.

Reduces bitterness and acidity

The coffee preferred for Aeropress is typically bitter, but the result is a less bitter and less acidic smooth coffee, delicious and full-flavored coffee. You can say goodbye to the bitterness that results from the long time used by the French press that may be uncomfortable to the coffee lovers.

Quick and easy to use

The Aeropress is a simple coffee maker that anyone can purchase and start using. The device does not contain any confusing dials and buttons that make it hard for the clients to use it. All you need are coffee grinds and some water and water to brew and start enjoying your coffee. The process takes seconds, and it easy to clean. It can be used for lattes and cappuccino.

Portable and suited for travel

Do you want to enjoy your favorite fresh brew while at home or out boating, camping, or traveling? Then an Aeropress is a perfect device for you. It uses manual power and doesn't have to be plugged in, and you can carry it on all your trips to prepare fresh coffee on the go. You can read more about Travel Coffee Makers.

Consider your coffee habits

The coffee maker you buy should be in line with your coffee drinking habits. Therefore, the first step is to assess how often you drink coffee and at one time you like your brew. You have to ensure that the coffee maker you get does not limit your intake or a plain overkill.

Coffee Made With Aeropress.

Any coffee beans can be used for Aeropress. The coffee beans can be sorted according to the following criteria.

  • Price: The price ranges of Expresso coffee can be high as it demands the freshest beans that have been ground appropriately. The coffee grind should not be so fine that it absorbs quickly and causes coffee to taste bitter, but at the same time, it should not be too coarse that it is only suited for a French press. The other thing that influences price is if one buys 100% coffee beans which may be more costly than a blend of coffee beans. You have to have a keen eye when shopping as the prices can be just right or exorbitant.
  • Peculiarities: Aeropress beans may be similar to most other beans, but the dark, oily, and aromatic beans are preferred as they produce the tastiest coffee. The blend interacts with all the senses of small tastes and vision to keep you locked to the beverage.
  • Bitterness: Aeropress beans are generally bitter than other coffee beans; however, extremely dark and bitter beans are not suited as they do not have a rich taste and the right caffeine concentration. Get medium bitter beans for an enjoyable coffee drink.

Brewing Coffee In Aeropress.

How to choose the best?

Choosing coffee beans is in part art and more about your tastes. It would be best if you looked out for the following when purchasing the best coffee for Aeropress:

  • Go by your preferences - Arabica beans are sweeter compared to the Robusta beans in most cases. If you love to get the bitter taste of coffee, it is up to you to determine the kind of coffee that suits you. If you love all the scent and aroma of the coffee, then be prepared to give out more cash.
  • Check the roast date - The roasting date can greatly influence the taste of the coffee. When buying your coffee beans, try getting recent coffee beans to make the most for your coffee. Older coffee may be stale and lack taste.
  • Determine the amount of caffeine - Caffeine is a key drug in the coffee beans old, finely ground, and extremely roasted beans lose the caffeine. It would be best if you got medium-ground beans that have a fair amount of caffeine or for less caffeine.


Where do coffee beans come from?

Coffee beans are harvested from coffee plants. The coffee beans are usually found in coffee cherries which are then dried. They can be roasted and ground before use.

How long do coffee beans last?

Coffee beans last depending on whether they are roasted on unroasted. Unroasted beans can last up to six years. Roasted beans last for six months.

How much coffee beans per cup?

Aeropress call for fine grind beans. You require less fine grind beans for a cup. 3 to 4 is ground usually enough, but you'll likely use a spoonful.

Сan you use any coffee beans for espresso?

You can make espresso with any coffee beans. Traditional espresso requires darker beans. The choice of beans is purely due to preference.

How many coffee beans to grind for Aeropresso?

You can grind 100 coffee beans or approximately 13 to 15 grams of coffee beans. It would help if you based your decision on the strength of the drink you want. Grind the beans to a level finer than salt to use.

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