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We’ve all seen the incredible numbers of kitchen accessories made for extremely niche tasks, and at one time or another, we’ve all purchased an accessory that ended up doing nothing but collect dust in a drawer. This may initially discourage us from buying any accessories at all, but the truth is, coffee-related accessories can come in very handy.

Most of us make coffee every day — in fact, more than four-fifths of American adults regularly drink coffee, and on average, we have about two cups per day. Since coffee-making is a daily task, or a near-daily one, for almost all of us, anything that can improve the process is a blessing. Coffee accessories can make it easier, faster, and even more fun to make coffee in the mornings (or at whatever time we drink it), so there’s no need to restrain ourselves when it comes to shopping for them. Our daily lives can be made more efficient with the use of the right coffee accessories, and what’s more, our coffee-making can become more consistent, so that we’re guaranteed to get the perfect cup every time. You can use this guide and the list below of our favorite coffee accessories to start improving your coffee-making experience.

Top-Tested Accessories

We checked out every type of coffee accessory we could find to figure out which are the most popular and the most useful. Here are some of the best ones currently on the market:

  • Coffee Grinders: It’s always recommended to buy coffee beans whole, rather than pre-ground coffee, for a few reasons. Bags of ground coffee are not always given the highest-quality treatment, while suppliers have to be more careful with whole beans, and coffee has the best taste when it is freshly ground. Of course, you can always have them grind the beans for you in the store, but for the absolute freshest coffee, you need to grind it right before you brew it. This is why a coffee grinder is a foundational accessory for any coffee lover.
  • Travel Mugs: Regular mugs are perfectly fine for drinking coffee in the kitchen, but it’s common to need to leave the house before we’ve gotten a chance to wake up. Even those of us who are early risers may find ourselves longing for a caffeine boost later in the day when we are certain to be busy. Travel mugs make it easy to drink coffee on your way to and from work or school, and any other destination for that matter.
  • Adjustable Kettle: If you make pour over or french press coffee, you may find it harder to control the temperature than it would be with a traditional drip coffee maker, which has temperature settings. An adjustable kettle, which can heat water to precisely the temperature you set, allows you to brew coffee to exactly the temperature you prefer right away.
  • Silicone Straws: Society has become more environmentally conscious in the past few years, and straws are one item that has made the switch from always being disposable to primarily being recyclable or reusable. Silicone straws, in addition to being environmentally friendly, can be used in either hot or cold coffee and are easy to clean.

Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Another nice thing about the abundance of available coffee accessories, along with the convenience they bring to our daily lives, is the fact that they make any coffee lover easy to buy gifts for. Really, anything they don’t already have will do, but we picked a few of our favorite coffee-based gifts.

Coffee Measuring Spoons

When you’ve figured out how to make your perfect cup of coffee, you want to get it right every time. With measuring spoons intended for coffee, the recipient of your gift can use the precise amount they’d like every time they make a pot.

Coffee Scale

Baristas and coffee experts agree that the ratio of coffee to water should be precisely measured and within a certain range, although it can vary slightly depending on your preferences. With food scales intended for coffee, which is more sensitive than other food scales, the coffee and water can be measured exactly for the perfect ratio.

Milk Frother

For those who prefer a lighter coffee, having a milk frother at home can give every morning the luxurious feel of a high-end coffee shop. Frothing milk (cow’s milk or any type of plant milk) is as simple as pushing a button.

Milk and Sugar Sets

Matching milk and sugar sets, with a small pitcher for milk and a lidded bowl for sugar, can be useful for keeping a convenient amount of each item handy for coffee so that the carton of milk or a large bag of sugar doesn’t need to be hauled out for every cup. And, as a bonus, they can be pretty cute and make an aesthetically pleasing addition to any home coffee station.


We know, it can be stressful to shop for gifts for those we care about, and it’s easy to feel like they have everything they could need already. Fortunately, if you’re shopping for someone who likes coffee, there is always a useful accessory you could pick up. They will appreciate that you know them well enough to buy a gift related to something they enjoy, and it will end up being a gift they use every day.


What are some must-have coffee accessories?

What the most important coffee accessories are for your home will depend on your preferences when it comes to making coffee. For those who like light, sweetened coffee, accessories like sugar bowls and milk frothers may be very important. Those who find coffee hard to drink when too hot or too cold may be more inclined to prioritize adjustable kettles or thermometers. And, of course, for those who prefer black coffee and find the taste of the coffee itself to be the most important factor, accessories that allow for roasting and grinding of coffee beans at home will offer the best experience.

Where can you buy coffee accessories?

Coffee accessories are available in most general merchandise retail stores, as well as home goods stores, but this isn’t necessarily the best place to buy them if you’re looking for quality or variety. Buying online is usually the way to go with coffee accessories, as you have access to essentially every coffee accessory currently being produced. All of the top trusted coffee equipment brands have online stores, through which they sell their current accessories, and other online retailers may sell accessories from quality brands, also. Guides like this one, and the table above, can be useful collections of links to useful accessories from trustworthy online stores.

What coffee accessories should be in the office?

There are many coffee accessories that are useful in the office, and even some specifically designed to help you get through the day at your desk, including:

  • Coffee warmers - These little devices sit on your desk and heat up your coffee when you put the cup on them so that if you get too distracted with work to drink it right away, you don’t have to worry about it being cold when you do get around to it.
  • Coffee clips - Cup clips, which are sort of like detachable cup holders for your desk, are an absolute necessity for anyone who tends to knock their cup over, risking their computer and all their unsaved work.
  • French press - A french press is one of the few coffee brewing methods that can be used right at your desk, or anywhere else you may work. You just need hot water for hot coffee, or cold water for cold brew, and your coffee grounds of choice.
  • Travel coffee creamers - Full-sized coffee creamers can be inconvenient at work. Even if you have them, they are likely communal, which makes them an inconsistent and unreliable source. Some coffee creamer brands make small, portable containers of creamer, which easily fit in a pocket or purse for use in the office. With these mini creamers, you can personalize your coffee to your tastes anywhere you go.

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