Cinnamon tea

Cinnamon Tea.

If you have ever sipped the sweet and spicy Cinnamon tea, you would agree that the hype about it is worth it. Apart from the homey aroma and flavor, citrus notes, and smooth texture, Cinnamon tea also has a long list of health benefits you stand to enjoy when you drink it. Ready to make your first or hundredth cup of cinnamon herbal tea? Find out all you need to know about cinnamon tea and all the amazing benefits it has to offer here!

What Is Cinnamon Tea?

Cinnamon Tea is an herbal tea that has cinnamon as its main ingredient. You get it by steeping cinnamon tea bags, powder, or sticks in hot water for a while. The processed forms of the cinnamon spice tea are derived from the bark of cinnamon trees.

Cinnamon contains several nutritional elements, like potassium, manganese, vitamin B2 and b9, and antioxidants. When made into tea, the nutritional value of cinnamon is preserved such that you still enjoy every one of them.

Cinnamon can be used as an ingredient with other types of teas too. That is why you will find teas like cinnamon black tea and cinnamon green tea.

Tea With Cinnamon.

Benefits Of Cinnamon Tea

Cinnamon tea has several health benefits for anyone who consumes it regularly.

Some of them are:

  • Reduces blood sugar level: Anyone on the brink of diabetes can benefit greatly from drinking cinnamon spice tea. When the sugar in your bloodstream decreases, insulin production also goes down. That can also help you lose weight since there will also be less retainment of body fat. For a more effective weight loss tea, you can try a combo of green tea and Cinnamon.
  • Reduces high cholesterol level: High cholesterol makes you prone to various diseases. Thanks to the power-packed cinnamon tea, you can regulate your cholesterol level and have a healthy body system.
  • Boosts immune system: Your immune system helps to fight against infections and diseases. Making tea with cinnamon will enhance your immune system functionality and help combat pathogens.

Other cinnamon tea benefits include relief from menstrual pain, anti-aging, managing polycystic ovarian syndrome, anti-Inflammation in bone and muscles, combating acne, improving blood circulation, aiding digestion, and aiding relaxation.

Origin, Region of Growing Cinnamon

There are two common types of Cinnamon- Ceylon (Cinnamomum Zeylanicum) and Cassia (Cinnamomum Cassia). Ceylon cinnamon originated from Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon. Cassia on the other hand is from China. Although cinnamon is native to Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) and Myanmar, it can be cultivated in many parts of the world.

The cinnamon tea bags and other forms you use today are mostly imported from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and India. They are grown in other countries in southwest Asia like the Philippines and Thailand. Cinnamon can also be cultivated in India, China, and parts of South America.

Growing Cinnamon.

Types of Cinnamon Tea

There are several varieties of cinnamon used in making cinnamon herbal tea. However, there are two common types:

  • Cassia Cinnamon tea: This tea type is made with cassia cinnamon which is what you would find mostly in grocery stores. It originates from China, but can be grown in most many of the world. Cassia cinnamon can be dangerous when consumed excessively.
  • Ceylon cinnamon tea: Ceylon cinnamon is also called “True cinnamon”. It is from Sri Lanka and more expensive than the cassia cinnamon. That can be attributed to the potency of nutrients in it. Ceylon cinnamon is healthier and safer for consumption than cassia cinnamon.

What To Look for In Cinnamon Tea

  • Type of cinnamon: First, there are two common types of cinnamon you can use in your tea — Cassia and Ceylon cinnamon. For safety, rich taste, and aroma, and to enjoy more benefits, go for Ceylon cinnamon. For your cooking, you can still indulge in Cassia cinnamon but when it comes to tea, go for Ceylon cinnamon.
  • Certified cinnamon: You should also make sure you buy certified cinnamon to prevent purchasing contaminated ones.
  • Origin of cinnamon: Check for where the cinnamon product you are buying is imported from. Most true cinnamon products are imported from Sri Lanka.
  • Trusted seller: Ensure that you buy your cinnamon from trusted sources. That will help to certify the type of cinnamon you are buying further.

Cinnamon Herbal Tea Leaf.

Best Cinnamon Tea for You

The best cinnamon tea for anyone is the one made with Ceylon. Whether it is the grounded, stick, or teabag version, Ceylon cinnamon nutrients remain potent and safe. That is not to say Cassia cinnamon has no benefit, both common cinnamon types have similar benefits. Using Ceylon cinnamon in tea is just healthier and safer because it is lower in coumarin which increases cancer risks than cassia cinnamon.


Enjoyed learning about cinnamon tea and its amazing benefits? I'm sure you want to include it in your diet now. Ensure you do not exceed the correct dosage to prevent adverse effects. Dosage can vary according to age and your body system. You may want to involve your doctor in this to get the right amount you can use daily.

Cinnamon Green Tea.


How many cups of cinnamon tea can I drink a day?

A cup of cinnamon tea per day for 5 days a week should do. Whether you are using sticks, powder, or tea bag form of cinnamon, ensure you don't go past the correct dosage.

Is it good to drink cinnamon tea at night?

As long as that is your only cup of cinnamon tea for that day, you can decide to drink it at night. It will help your body relax, aid a good night's sleep and assist your digestive system to function properly.

Is it good to drink cinnamon tea in the morning?

You can take cinnamon tea anytime you please if you do not exceed the right quantity. Drinking cinnamon tea in the morning will prepare your body for the day and still give you all the benefits packed in it.

Is cinnamon tea good for your gut?

One of the many benefits that cinnamon tea offers are aiding the production of stomach acid and Pepsin. That helps reduce movement in your bowels and promote your stomach health generally.

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