Chamomile Tea

Chamomile Flowers And Brewed Chamomile Tea.

Chamomile tea is a type of herbal tea that is derived from drying and infusing the Chamomile flower in hot water. There are many types of Chamomile tea and it is as a result of the difference in the plant’s origin and where they are grown. The tea generally tastes floral with a hint of apple and honey. To learn more about Chamomile herbal tea, its health benefits, and types, keep reading.

What Is Chamomile Tea?

Chamomile is a mix of two Greek words - Kamai and melon meaning earth and apple respectively. It is a plant that can grow almost anywhere in the world and is known to have an apple-like scent. The tea comes from the flowers. They are picked, dried, and infused in hot water to release the sweet flavor and aroma we know as the Chamomile green tea. It has no caffeine and it can be taken as a morning, afternoon, or evening drink. And you don’t have to be stuck with the tea as - well- a tea, it can also make for a savory ingredient in cocktail recipes.

Benefits Of Chamomile Tea

White Tea Cup Full With Dries Chamomile.

Chamomile, just like many other tea types is taken for more reasons than the taste, aroma, and flavor. Some people take tea because of its calming effect, while others take it for beauty and cosmetic purposes. Here are some Chamomile tea benefits that you might not know:

  • Reduces period pain: Ladies in the house, Chamomile has been proven to help to relieve pain from menstruation. Tests were conducted on some women that were going through period pain and after drinking the tea, they were reported to feel relieved. Though this might not be the same case for other types of pain (like a headache).
  • Relieves Inflammation: Some studies and lab work have also confirmed that Chamomile tea helps to relieve and treat inflammation in the body. So redness or soreness in any part of the body should disappear with regular drinking of the tea.
  • Lowers blood sugar: Though tea is not a drug for diabetes, neither should it be a substitution for high-blood sugar medicines. Still, it is very effective in reducing the level of sugar in the blood with regular intake.
  • Induces sleep and relaxation: People call Chamomile tea a sleepy-time tea because it does enhance relaxation and induces sleep. That’s why it is highly recommended for those that suffer from anxiety, stress, and sleep-related problems.
  • Promotes digestion: Another benefit of chamomile tea is that it aids digestion (which is a common benefit for herbal tea). People who drink Chamomile tea for stomach pain relief rarely suffer from constipation or indigestion.

Note that this tea is not safe for babies or children, neither is it a good choice for those that are allergic to pollen or have previously reacted to any Chamomile product.

Origin And Regions of Growing

As we have mentioned earlier, Chamomile can be grown almost anywhere in the world. And that’s why you see many organic Chamomile tea types with different names of where they are from like Egyptian Chamomile tea or Roman Chamomile tea (more of that in the next section). However, Chamomile originally comes from two places - Egypt and Rome. The Egyptians used it as a treatment for fever and cosmetic purposes while the Romans used it to cure skin problems and digestion-related health issues. Now it is grown in various places all over the world including Europe, temperate parts of Asia, England, North America, Croatia, Egypt, Australia, and so on.

Types Of Chamomile Tea

A Cup Of Brewed Chamomile Tea.

Many plants are commonly known as chamomile, even if they are not. However, instead of spamming you with thousands of chamomile tea types (that might not be a type), here are the ones that are proven to be real types of Chamomile tea:

  • Roman Chamomile. The botanical name for this type is Chamaemelum nobile. It is white with yellow rounded discs. It is slightly more bitter than all the other types. It is recommended for those that drink strong tea.
  • German Chamomile. The botanical name is Matricaria chamomilla. It is also called wild chamomile, Italian chamomile, or Hungarian chamomile. It has a hint of apple taste and is gentler than Roman chamomile. It is sometimes called honey chamomile tea because of its slight honey-like taste. It is also the sweetest of all the chamomile types.
  • Egyptian Chamomile. This is regarded as the one with the highest quality. It has an earthy and slightly fruity taste. It is also the most suitable for all types of tea drinkers.

What To Look For?

There are two things to factor in while shopping for tea:

  • The flavor and taste: Some chamomile tea tastes differently from others because of the plant species and the place where they are grown. For example, German chamomile is sweeter than all the other types while Roman chamomile is more bitter and stronger.
  • The purpose: Though all chamomile has health benefits, some are better for a purpose than others. The chemical composition of the plant is what is responsible for this. For example, German chamomile is better for treating skin ailments and inflammation while Roman chamomile is more effective in calming the nerves.

Best Chamomile Tea for You

The best chamomile tea depends on what your needs are when you drink your tea, and how you prefer your tea to taste. For strong drinkers, the best chamomile tea type is Roman chamomile tea. It has concentrated qualities that make the tea somewhat bitter and strong. If you have a sweeter tooth, then German chamomile is a better option because of its sweet apple taste.

Dry Chamomile In A Spoon.


Chamomile tea has a striking taste and flavor that makes it different from any other tea type, not to mention its many health benefits. It can be used to treat various skin infections, relieve pain, and relax the mind. But some studies have mentioned that it can also help diabetic and cancer patients. However, if you are a tea lover and haven’t tried Chamomile tea, then now’s a good time to get yourself a chamomile tea bag.


What is chamomile tea good for?

Chamomile tea has many health, skin, and cosmetic benefits. It is used to keep the skin healthy and maintain good body metabolism. It is especially good for relieving menstrual pain and inducing sleep.

Does chamomile tea have caffeine?

There is zero caffeine in chamomile tea. The tea is derived from dried flowers of the chamomile plant. The flowers are then infused into hot water.

Is chamomile tea good for you?

The tea has a lot of health benefits however, there are some chamomile tea side effects. For example, it is not good for children, pregnant women, and people that are allergic to pollen. It is also not good for those that have previously reacted to chamomile products.

Does chamomile tea make you sleepy?

It can make a person sleepy. Chamomile tea is sometimes known as a sleepy-time tea because it is made up of some chemical properties that calm the nerves and induce sleep. It relaxes the mind and reduces stress or anxiety.

How to make chamomile tea?

Chamomile tea is derived by drying the flowers very slowly then the dried crumbs are infused into hot water. To make chamomile tea, first heat water. Then add the dried flower (or the tea bag) and wait till the content is extracted into the water.

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