Can I Drink Tea Before Bed?

Drink Tea Before Bed.

While drinking tea at any hour of the day can be accompanied by many additional health-promoting benefits, tea at night is also not an exception. It has been discovered that drinking tea at night can help you have a better night's rest and improve the quality of your sleep, amongst a myriad of other advantages. This article explores everything you should know about the relationship between your teapot and your nighttime.

Woman Pouring Cup Tea At Night.

Why Should You Drink Tea at Night?

Several mind experts believe that a good tea right before bed can do a great deal in calming your mind after a long day. The methodical act of boiling your water, preparing your tea, setting your tea mug, and inhaling the sweet whiff of freshly brewed tea puts your mind at rest and alleviates your stress.

Additionally, tea contains compounds like theanine, a vital sleep-promoting element that works by reducing stress hormones and keeping your brain relaxed—drinking tea before sleep is a bedtime habit that can significantly influence your sleeping habits.

While so much has been said about the advantages of freshly brewed night tea, it is also essential to note that it should be done in moderation. Additionally, it is crucial to note that you should always choose a tea that is free from caffeine. Caffeine is a natural stimulant that can significantly increase your alertness, making it difficult to sleep. Therefore, a low-caffeinated tea is always the best option.

Drinking Tea Before Sleep.

Tea does provide a healthy array of benefits, including a better night's sleep. However, it is mostly advised that you take your tea during the early hours of the evening to be able to sleep better, as opposed to taking it very late at night. I hope this article has helped answer your questions about drinking tea before bed.

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